A busy morning despite the off day. A baseball star gets suspended for steroid use, the Red Sox continue to figure out how to best use their roster, a report has Richard Seymour reporting for camp this morning, and rumors swirl around Joe Thornton’s future with the Bruins. If you missed it last night, there’s also an update on the future of Mike Reiss and the Reiss’ Pieces blog.

When word started spreading yesterday morning that WFAN in New York was reporting that Rafael Palmeiro had been suspended for using steroids, Dale & Holley started scrambling. They and their producers chased the story as best they could from the confines of their studios, calling WFAN and also getting in touch with Orioles beat writer Peter Schmuck. It was good work by the show, and something I frankly wish the station did more of. After they went off the air, Pete Sheppard and the Big Show lite went on for a couple more hours of Manny talk before eventually diverging into a couple other topics. Disappointingly, the Diehards on WWZN also spent a considerable time on more negative Manny talk.

Bob Hohler has the story on Palmeiro, who insists that he did not knowingly take any sort of steroids. Howard Bryant (subscription only) says that Jose Canseco was probably right about Palmeiro after all, and that he and his accomplishments now have a big red target on them. I’m in the midst of reading Bryant’s new book on the subject of steroids – Juicing The Game – and finding it a fascinating read, I’ll have a full review after I finish it. Gerry Callahan, also subscription only, says that this bust is likely causing Barry Bonds to sweat even more up in Northern California. Any coincidence that Bonds announced yesterday that he’s probably done for the season? Paul Doyle reports on the Palmeiro bust for the Courant. Jon Couture writes that Palmeiro needs to come out and tell us the whole truth. Jim Donaldson starts out wondering why none of these guys can get their stories straight, and segues into a pro-Manny column.

The New York papers are full of stories about Palmeiro. Check them out on the BSMW New York Sports News page.

Michael Silverman says that even after all the good-will generated on Sunday, this Red Sox team still has plenty of holes and questions. He examines some of their most pressing needs. Sean McAdam looks at many of those same issues and says that the Red Sox are probably going to have to make due with what they current have. David Heuschkel notes that the Red Sox have added several pieces over the last few months and looks at whether these will help complete the club. Steve Buckley (subscription only) says that these Red Sox however, are not a threat to win the World Series. He says the only way they have a chance is with Curt Schilling at the top of the rotation and Keith Foulke saving games.

Chris Snow reports on the Rockies being irked by the Red Sox for backing out of a deal for Larry Bigbie. Michael Silverman also has a short report on the trade relations between the two clubs going sour. Amalie Benjamin has an article on Bill Mueller, still a member of the Red Sox, and the team is glad of that fact, as the third baseman is as steady as they come, on and off the field. Snow’s notebook credits Mike Timlin and Mike Myers for their steady work out of the bullpen. Silverman’s notebook looks at the options the Red Sox face as they figure out who to send down when Jose Cruz Jr joins the club today.

Seymour To Report?

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported last night that Richard Seymour will be ending his holdout today. All that is said is that the to sides have reached an agreement for compensation on the 2005 season. The story only gets a passing mention in the local papers this morning, in fact Karen Guregian has a story in the Herald on how Rodney Harrison supports his teammate’s holdout. (EDIT: apparently, this article from Felger was in the paper this morning, but didn’t make it onto the web site until about 10:00 this morning.) Adam Kilgore looks at Troy Brown, who is back to business as usual at wide receiver. Tom E Curran has a look at Doug Flutie, who is likely the last of his kind in the NFL. Michael Felger has a brief report on a visitor to camp the last couple days, former offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. Alan Greenberg looks at Bill Belichick’s focus on the here and now and refusal to speculate on the future. Jerome Solomon has an article on Dan Klecko, who is valued by the team for his versatility.

Michael Parente has a piece on second year safety Guss Scott, who had his rookie year wiped out after a knee injury during the preseason last year. Scott is highly touted and has impressed observers such as Rodney Harrison. Christopher Price files a story on linebacker Rosevelt Colvin, who is looking to have a huge year with the Patriots, now that he is fully recovered from his hip injury. Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider has a look at seventh round pick Matt Cassel, who he says has been a “revelation” in camp. The quarterback has impressed with his strong arm and mechanics right from the start of camp. He also looks at the post-football career options for Ted Johnson, and has a few other quick notes. Ron Borges, said to perhaps be off of covering the Patriots files a report from Napa on Randy Moss and the Oakland Raiders. Guregian files a second article, this one on linebacker Matt Chatham, who looks to fill a bigger role this season. Solomon’s notebook makes note of the Glazer report, putting as a second item after the news of the release of nose tackle Ethan Kelley. Felger’s notebook says that Tim Dwight did not make a strong first impression in his first day of practice after being taken off the PUP list. Parente’s notebook looks at second receiver P.K. Sam

If you missed it last night, Mike Reiss has filed his last blog entry for the Herald. Scott’s Shots reports that the 30-year-old reporter is moving on to the bigger pastures of the Boston Globe, where he won’t be on the Patriots beat, but will be having some sort of Patriots Blog on Boston.com.

Stephen Harris looks at the rumors swirling around the Bruins possibly shopping Joe Thornton. Steve Conroy as well as the Globe notebook report on the Bruins acquiring left wing Brad Isbister from the Edmonton Oilers for a fourth-round pick next year.

Bill Griffith has a review of the 12 DVD release of “The Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Collector’s Edition” which contains the broadcast versions of all the ALCS and World Series games plus plenty of extras. The set retails for $129.95, but if you purchase it through Amazon.com using the box in the left hand sidebar of this page, the price is only $90.97 and a % of that (About $7 I think) will go to this site. Griffith also has a few other media notes.

NESN has Red Sox/Royals at 7:00.