Plenty going on heading into the Holiday weekend. Even though the Red Sox didn’t play last night, there’s still lots to talk about. There are some lingering stories around the Celtics draft, David Scott weighs in on the Globe sports editor’s “update”, and Jim Baker reports on rumors surrounding Ted Sarandis at WEEI.

With the Red Sox off yesterday, there was plenty of time to reflect on the mess that is the bullpen. Art Martone notes the offensive prowess of the club, but then looks at the ‘pen, where the problems begin with Keith Foulke. Jeff Goldberg suggests that Bronson Arroyo might be the guy to move into the bullpen and help fix some of the issues there. John Tomase agrees that Arroyo could be the answer. Mike Fine analyzes the struggles of Foulke. Jeff Horrigan says that the numbers out of the bullpen are just plain embarrassing. The Herald does a little back-and-forth routine between Tony Massarotti and Howard Bryant. (Subscription only) The subject is Keith Foulke and his comments after giving up the grand slam Tuesday night where he made reference to “Johnny from Burger King”. Massarotti says that Foulke was perfectly within his rights to be upset. He says that fans may have the right to boo, but that they can’t expect that he’ll just take that and smile. He concludes:

Foulke has no obligation to keep his mouth shut. Neither do you. But when a man succeeds as the last line on a team that wins a championship for the first time in 86 years, you simply cannot be surprised if he elects to defend himself.

Bryant, however, believes that Foulke went too far with the Burger King comment. He says that Foulke divided his attack by income and came off as an elitist. After noting that Foulke makes $7.5 million this season which comes out to $312,500 per week, he notes what “Johnny” likely made:

For the record, the minimum wage in Massachusetts is $6.75 per hour, which is what the Burger King on the corner of Boylston Street and Kilmanrock Street by Fenway Park pays. A person working a full, 37.5-hour work week at minimum wage earns $253.12.
Two face-value tickets to last year's World Series games at Fenway Park last year cost $290.

So the two writers took entirely different points here. Massarotti looking at whether Foulke had the right to speak out, while Bryant isn’t concerned with that fact that he did speak out, but rather with the content of what he said when he did so.

Stan Grossfeld has an article this morning entitled “Birth of a New Nation”. The subject? Red Sox fans who had private “celebrations” last October, who are now expecting children as a result of said “celebrations”. I was initially skeptical, but the article is tastefully done and as always with Grossfeld, you get a really good feel for the lives of the people involved. David Borges looks at John McDonald coming into Fenway tonight with the Toronto Blue Jays. McDonald is the final member of the Providence Friars baseball program still in the Major Leagues. Dave Doyle attacks the notion that Manny Ramirez is an awful outfielder. He provides some examples of great plays made by Manny in the field, and why the perception persists that he’s terrible in Left Field. Jeff Horrigan reports that Curt Schilling appears to be on schedule to rejoin the Red Sox as early as a week from tomorrow. Nick Cafardo’s notebook says that the Blue Jays are not planning on holding any fire sales come the end of this month. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the status of the Red Sox draft picks…negotiations with Craig Hansen continue to be slow, but the others are nearly complete. Chris Snow files a Minor League notebook, where he looks at Manny Delcarmen, who has been coming out of the bullpen for Portland and has touched 98 on the radar gun.

Believe it or not, today is July 1st, the start of the NBA free agent period, although no deals can be made until the 15th. Shira Springer looks at what is on Danny Ainge’s plate for the next two weeks. Steve Bulpett writes that the Celtics best chance for success lies in Paul Pierce growing up. He notes that if Ainge simply wanted to ship Pierce out of town, he’d be gone by now. He reports Western sources telling him that Clippers called offering Corey Maggette and more, and that Ainge wasn’t interested. Mark Murphy clarifies a story that had been going around regarding top pick Gerald Green, he was never cut from his high school teams for lack of ability, but rather because of academic issues. Jeff Goodman looks at another facet of Green, this time the rumor that he slipped because he is missing about an inch off his right ring finger. The part about the finger is true, but it was not the reason he was available at number 18. Michael Muldoon also has a look at Green’s finger.

Dan Shaughnessy has a “Picked up pieces” column today. It’s not bad. Really. Other than a gratuitous and unnecessary shot at Michael Holley, there were a couple interesting or amusing items. I liked the one about Bridget Moynahan. Cheers to Shaughnessy for mentioning Jose Offerman without prefacing it with “piece of junk”. A light day for Dan though, 840 words…Bill Simmons hasn’t even made his first Starbucks run after that many words.

Kelsie Smith and John Connolly look at Boston College officially joining the ACC today. Connolly reports that the conference has its eye on Fenway Park as a possible location for the ACC Baseball tournament.

Bonnie DiSimone files the daily Lance Armstrong update, while Kevin Paul Dupont reports from Wimbledon. Bud Collins says that Venus Williams isn’t quite finished yet. Dupont also files a Wimbledon notebook.

David Scott has a look at the Patriots Season tickets which arrived in the mail this week, a look at the new “Memo from the Sports Editor” paragraph in the Globe which appeared yesterday, plenty of random thoughts on subjects such as Boston Dirt Dogs, the Tour De France and an interview Scott did with Craig Biggio.

Pedro Martinez improved to 9-2 on the season and the Yankees had a bloodletting in their bullpen yesterday. Isiah Thomas is looking to further ruin the Knicks in free agency. Check those stories and more at the New York Sports News page.

Jim Baker reports on rumors that “roundly disliked” WEEI program director Jason Wolfe is trying to force Ted Sarandis into quitting. Joe Sullivan of the Union Leader looks at ESPN coming to Manchester on July 18th. Bill Griffith and John Howell look at the race heating up for NASCAR broadcasting rights.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00.