I apologize for the lack of an update this morning.

John Tomase has responded to the feedback he has gotten on his article the other day on Manny Ramirez. He still doesn’t come off very well. I thought and still think John is better than this. Rather than address the issues raised, most of the time he tries to make light of the subject, showing how witty he is, or mocking the emailer for using “Multiple acronyms” in their correspondence (essentially calling the person a geek). He ends with the predictable “maybe the Red Sox should hire me as a motivational speaker” line.

This has been a sad week. I hope it gets better from here on out for Tomase. He shouldn’t be known as the guy who ripped Manny and lost all credibility in the process.

It’s one thing to critique Manny, he is certainly not immune to that. There are things that you can knock the guy for. But this article was over the top, and then was poorly followed up on by the bizarro Big Show appearance and then this print “response”, to which I have no words to describe. I can only shake my head.

You’re better than this, Tomase.

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