The Kevin Millar interview on WEEI yesterday was odd in many aspects. When it was revealed that the entire phone call was also being filmed for a TV segment, it attained a reality-show type of feeling. (Have I mentioned that I hate reality shows) How much of this call was planned in advance and how much was spontaneous? In any event, here are a few snippets from the segment:

Millar: …it could have been Renta- you guys have blown Renteria out of the (unintelligible).

Buckley: Baloney, baloney

Ordway: That’s not true!!

Burton: Now wait a minute

(All talking)

Ordway: Kevin you’re not being fair here.

Burton: Yes he is.

(all talk)

Ordway: No he’s not! We’ve never jumped on Renteria! We never got on Manny Ramirez-

Burton: Are you kidding me?

Ordway: Because there’s a track record there.

Burton: Guys, wait a minute! Edgar Renteria, we were all over. Are you kidding? They called him Diarrhea, they called him Rent a Wreck…

Buckley: That’s not true. That’s wrong.

Burton: You never heard those nicknames here on the radio?

Buckley: From 6 to 10.

Burton: OH! Come on!

All talking

Buckley: We weren’t all over Renteria.

Burton: Buck you’re wrong.

Ordway: I missed those shows.

Burton: You mean to tell me this station was not ripping Edgar Renteria?

Ordway: This show was not ripping Edgar Renteria!

Burton: Oh, this show. This show.

Ordway: Well, I can only speak for this show. I mean do you speak for Lobel?

Burton: (something) 6-10?

Ordway: Do you speak for Lobel? I can’t- go ahead, Kevin.

Millar: No, this is what I’m talking about. This- you’re telling me, to answer the question, was the show not ripping Edgar Renteria?

Ordway: We were not ripping Edgar Renteria, no.

Burton: We have been on Edgar Renteria.

Ordway: I think callers from time to time have been on Edgar Renteria, Kevin, I mean every time somebody doesn’t perform, and I hear what you’re saying, you average it out in the long run, and you believe that your numbers are going to be there. But if you’re expecting the public to be patient, and forget about us, do you think the fans sit there patiently waiting as a guy is struggling the way you’ve been struggling?

So they haven’t been on Renteria or Manny. Ridiculous. More on this a little later on.

Burton: Does the criticism- do you listen to talk radio? Does the criticism bother you?

Ordway: It does, he already says the show sucks. (all laugh) You gotta listen to know it sucks.

Millar: No, honest to God, I’ve never, never listened to your show before. Because

Ordway: Shame on you!!! (over Millar) For saying the show sucks without listening!!!

No, the Big O would never pan something without watching or reading it. Never.

Millar talked about how the team cares for each other. He mentioned he and Varitek talking for 45 minutes on an off-day about how they could help and support Mark Bellhorn. That led to this exchange:

Ordway- We don’t see it, but I think we understand it. [inaudible] Kevin, I think that’s something we do bring up all the time, that these guys care about each other. I disagree with that I, I. Certainly we’ve been critical and I have been very critical of you in the first half of this season.

Buckley-Trying to run him out of town if I recall.

Ordway- No that was you trying to run Nomar out of town last year. But we are critical, this is, this is what we do. Fans here are very emotional and they take every game as if it’s the last game. I totally agree with that. I don’t think anybody has taken away what you guys and the feeling you have for each other. It was genuine last year, it was obvious and to be honest with you I think it’s coming across this year even though you’ve had some problems.

Another asinine statement. No, the majority of fans around here are not as Ordway describes, they do not all treat each game as the last game. Perhaps the callers to the radio station are like that, but as mentioned here in the past, these callers are not representative of the average fan.

Later in the show they tried to define the difference between “being critical” and “ripping”. They were hard pressed to do so. Many times the declaration was made “THIS IS WHAT WE DO!!!”

So they’re “critical”…that’s what they do, huh? I’ll have to remember that next time I get an email from one of these guys complaining about what I say about them. My response will be “THIS IS WHAT I DO!!!”

Meanwhile, The Diehards were talking actual sports…as I write this, I realize I probably fell into the WEEI trap…here I am writing about WEEI, when yesterday I recommended you check out The Diehards. I was able to do both, thanks to the wonders of technology, and some assistance in putting together the transcript from a couple of volunteers. I left out the part where Buckley called Millar a “smartass” after the player asked if Buck had ever written a positive article about him.

Michael Holley this morning came out gunning at Dan Shaughnessy’s column this morning in the Globe, calling it among other things, “unfortunate” and “Inappropriate” he was taking particular issue with the paragraph towards the end where Shaughnessy uses a David Halberstam quote:

Asked to speculate on life after winning, the estimable David Halberstam, a baseball guy and a foot soldier in the civil rights movement, predicted, “It will certainly change things. It will fragment. With the civil rights movement, all these great black leaders were pulled together and were loyal to each other as they were ascending, struggling against the white supremacists. The moment they won, everything fragmented because it went on to individual ambition. There’s always a difference in a revolution. When you finally get it, the strength that bonds you together changes and you put private ambition over group ambition, and that’s something the Red Sox will have to think about. Will success and winning spoil the unique sense of community and passion and this mystique of being close but never quite getting there?”

Holley was upset at both Shaughnessy and Halberstam equally, for this viewpoint. He felt that the comparison was way out of line and that Shaughnessy had a “major, major brain cramp” in including this and that the editors should not have allowed this segment into the piece. It was just “dumb”. During the crossover with Dennis and Callahan, Holley stated that the Globe should issue an apology.