Bruce is on vacation this week. Fill-in links posted by Bryan:

Pacers TV analyst Clark Kellogg was a guest on “Dennis & Callahan” on Monday, and said that when a basketball team gets blown out, it usually returns as the hungrier side when the two teams play each other again. While that may be a case of nonsense psychological radiospeak, Kellogg’s words have certainly rung true in this Boston-Indiana series. Twice the Celtics have won in a cakewalk, and twice they have lost the following game.

Last night, the visiting Pacers took a 3-2 series advantage with a 90-85 win over the Celtics (box score) at the Fleet. The best-of-seven series now returns to Indiana for tomorrow night’s Game 6.

Antoine Walker’s had a rough go of it this series, as Peter May, Mark Murphy, and Tom E. Curran write.

Dan Shaughnessy says that nobody has any idea what’s in store for the rest of this first-round matchup, while Michael Gee thinks the Jermaine O’Neal-Danny Ainge verbal jousting is a bunch of hullabaloo.

Bob Ryan writes about the Pacers’ playoff experience in his first appearance in the Globe since the controversial Nomar column on April 22.

Lenny Megliola points out that we may have seen the last home game of the season for the “trick-or-treat Celtics”.

Mirabelli powers Sox past Tigers
Michael Silverman and Chris Snow have the game story of a 5-3 Red Sox victory in Detroit.

Here are a few other Red Sox/baseball stories of interest today:
* Karen Guregian has a response from MLB to David Ortiz’s contention that a language barrier prevents baseball’s Latino players from fully understanding the new drug policy.