(Bruce is on vacation this week. Fill-in links posted by Bryan: bperson@gmail.com)

It’s been a busy day at work, so I only have time for a few links–some on the Celtics, Sox, and Boston media.

Hoops links
In an article by Chris Nelsen, the Herald plays up the barbs being traded by Danny Ainge and the Pacers’ Jermaine O’Neal today. In the Globe, Shira Springer writes that Antoine Walker was “going crazy” while watching Game 4 from an Indianapolis hotel.

Howard Bryant (online subscription required) also has a look at Antoine today. He contends that Antoine has more value to the Celtics than to any other team (other media members have made this point as well) and is the face and heart of the franchise.

Rob Bradford explains how Reggie Miller disrupts an opposition’s defense, as he runs through an endless series of screens.

Steve Bulpett reports on Ricky Davis not winning the NBA’s Sixth Man Award.

Last year for Damon?
I doubt it. Still, Damon is floating the idea that if doesn’t re-sign with the Red Sox after this season or land a favorable 5-year deal with another team on his short list, he may very well hang up his spikes. Michael Silverman has the story.

With news of the suspension of Minnesota reliever Juan Rincon coming down, Karen Guregian and Nick Cafardo have David Ortiz saying that many Latinos don’t fully understand baseball’s banned-substances policy, and that players’ meetings aren’t translated into Spanish. If Ortiz is right, I can certainly recommend a couple of translation companies to MLB.

Cafardo also writes on the struggles of the Red Sox offense.

WEEI ratings
Bill Griffith breaks down the winter ratings book for WEEI, and also writes that the “[Michael] Holley-Dale Arnold midday pairing on WEEI seems to be a bit too much Mr. Nice Guy.” Jason Wolfe tells him not to jump the gun on the two-month-old program.

WEEI is also on the agenda in John Molori’s Media Blitz. Molori praises the Big O, Dennis and Callahan, and Pete Sheppard, among others.