Another gem by a Red Sox starting pitcher, the Celtics prepare to tap off the NBA playoffs tomorrow night, and plenty of NFL draft coverage highlight today’s links.

The Red Sox shut down the Orioles for the second night in a row, as Matt Clement threw eight shutout innings last night, winning under the narrowest of margins, 1-0. Chris Snow looks at the Red Sox winning despite their own bats being shut down by Rodrigo Lopez. Jeff Horrigan looks at Clement shutting down the Orioles lineup that had been feared coming into this series. Steven Krasner looks at a game made up of “key moments, stellar defensive plays and superb individual performances.” David Heuschkel says this was a switch for Clement, who lost two 1-0 games last season with the Cubs. David Borges says Clement last night and Wells the night before made the Orioles lineup “look like a bunch of Mark Belangers”. Bob Ryan looks at Kevin Millar’s role in last night’s game. Michael Gee (subscription only) says that Matt Clement showed that he does possess mental toughness because soft pitchers don’t win 1-0 games on the road. Gee also writes about the Nationals cutting into the Orioles attendance. Bob Ryan looks at Nomar’s injury the other night, and raises the inevitable question.

Look, I'm hardly the first person to raise the question. When he was with the Red Sox, who was bold enough to link our fair shortstop, a noted workout guy, with the dreaded S-word? But he did go from, like, standard athlete issue normal to ultra-buffed in one winter, and he has been -- there is no other way to say it -- systematically breaking down for the past six years, so you can't help wondering just what he's been putting into his body other than Wheaties and sirloin steaks. If we're going to assume that Mark McGwire's physical breakdown was because of a reliance on steroids, then it would be quite logical to adopt the same line of thinking about Nomar. It's a legitimate question.

It’s quite a statement from Ryan there, and although some people may have been thinking this, it’s quite a leap to put it down in writing. Still on Nomar, Jon Meterparel apologized this morning for his comments yesterday when he stated that Nomar might’ve been faking the injury because of his batting slump and he wanted to get some time off. If you missed yesterday’s comments, John Dennis fed Meter by noting that he had had a grin on his face all morning, after a few minutes, they led into Nomar getting hurt, with Meterparel saying “Gerry, are you buying the fact that he