Couple items leftover from yesterday, first, thank you for the overwhelming support on the column, a couple people even made donations to express their appreciation, and that means so much to me. Thank you.

Among the things that a lot of people have commented on the curious, dismissive reply I got from editor Teresa Hanafin. It’s interesting to note that to me, she made sure to emphasize that BostonDirtDogs was “just a blog”, implying that there is a separate set of standards for it compared to the rest of If that is indeed the case, then fine. If he’s not a journalist, then he shouldn’t be trumpeting scoops, making high profile media appearances and doesn’t need to be held to the standards and ethics that the other columnists and reporters on are held to. However, a quote from Ms. Hanafin herself back in May when was acquiring the website seems to indicate that the intentions were much different:

Hey, guys, Jason is right: We are going to hold BostonDirtDogs to the same editorial standards as the rest of the site, but we’re going to work really hard NOT to squelch its spirit. But I am torn about the design. I think the big headlines etc. are part of its charm, and our plan is to keep it exactly the way it is, but is that why you visit BostonDirtDogs? Or would you not mind seeing the design cleaned up a little to make it more readable?
Posted by: Teresa Hanafin, editor of at May 28, 2004 12:44 PM

Just to get the full effect, here’s a reminder of the exact words of Ms. Hanafin the other day when I approached her about this issue:

Oh, Bruce, please — spare me. It’s a blog, for God’s sake. Lighten up. Given some of the content on your website, you’re hardly in a position to be flinging mud.

There I go, flinging mud again. You’ll excuse me for being a little confused on this matter. Also, BostonDirtDogs may be “just a blog” in the eyes of some, but Steve Silva is an employee of He is sent to Fenway to take pictures for the site, and as an article from UPI yesterday shows, he’s going to spring training…and the piece characterizes him as “part of the Boston Globe online” and “now filing regular reports from the World Series champion Red Sox spring-training site in Florida.”

Finally from someone with Globe ties comes this quote:

“People associate him with the sports section, which drives virtually everyone in the department insane, but Teresa doesn’t seem to have a clue that his irresponsible little web page reflects on and the rest of the paper.”

Onto the links for today:

Boston Radio Watch is reporting that Entercom radio stations here in Boston, including WEEI will return to streaming their broadcasts over the internet within the next two weeks. Great news for day-time cubicle dwellers…

Antoine Walker made his return to the home floor of Boston last night and helped the Celtics beat the Lakers before a sold out, frenzied crowd. More Spring training reports as the Red Sox visited the president yesterday and prepare for the exhibition opener today. The Patriots lose Joe Andruzzi to the Browns, but could be picking up a shutdown cornerback via trade.

First, It’s been much rumored and assumed, but Doc Rivers said this morning on WEEI with Greg Dickerson and Gerry Callahan that Gary Payton will be back with the Celtics. (Last night he was just “pretty sure“)He can’t say it’s official, but all that needs to be done is for him to sign. He talked to both Payton and his agent past night, and they told him Payton is coming back to the Celtics. By the way, Dickerson and Callahan are much better and more informed talking Celtics than Glenn Ordway these days, whose only mission it seems is to harp on past mistakes and spout recycled (and sometimes contradictory) statements about how you build a team in the NBA.

Shira Springer, Steve Bulpett and Carolyn Thornton report on Antoine’s return to Boston, wearing number 8. Lenny Megliola says that for one night, it felts like old times for the Celtics and Lakers. Christopher Price also reports on the game and the return of the original employee number 8. Jackie MacMullan writes that Walker is ready to do what it takes to allow him to stay here beyond this season. He doesn’t want to bounce around the NBA, an appreciates what Boston is about. Mark Murphy says that last night was just like old times for Antoine and the Celtics…complete with missed shots. Tom E Curran steps over from Patriots coverage to also write about Antoine’s return to Boston. Frank Dell’Apa looks at a rough fourth quarter for Kobe Bryant. Bulpett’s notebook looks at how Antoine get number 8 back from Al Jefferson, while Springer’s notebook and Thornton’s notebook each look at the impending return of Payton.

Be sure to also check out the BSMW Full Court Press coverage of the Celtics/Lakers game from last night.

There were a bunch of idiots at the White House yesterday. (Insert joke here) The Red Sox met with President Bush to receive congratulations from the Commander in Chief. Coverage is provided by Gordon Edes, Tony Massarotti, John E Mulligan for the Providence Journal and David Lightman. Edes’ also writes about the Red Sox meeting with some real life American heroes.

In other stories, Jeff Horrigan looks at Lenny DiNardo, who hopes to have a bigger role with the Red Sox after spending last season with them as a Rule V draftee. Tony Massarotti looks at this year’s Rule V pickup, outfielder Adam Stern. Chris Snow has a look at left handed hitting first baseman Roberto Petagine, hoping to make it in the big leagues are starring in Japan for many years. Steven Krasner examines the Red Sox roster as they begin playing games today. David Borges looks at Matt Clement, who will start the first exhibition game today. Horrigan also looks at Alan Embree, who has found a comfort zone in his role with the Red Sox, and is understandably proud of what he’s done here, both in the regular season and postseason.

Horrigan’s notebook has Johnny Damon speaking in favor of MLB’s new drug testing policies. Krasner’s notebook has more from Damon, as does Borges’ notebook. Snow’s notebook looks at Manny Ramirez and Bronson Arroyo missing the visit with the President yesterday. He questions Manny’s excuse of a sick grandmother.

Another Patriot stalwart is out the door. Joe Andruzzi became the latest yesterday, signing a four year deal with the Cleveland Browns. Michael Felger, Jerome Solomon, Tom E Curran, Alan Greenberg and Michael Parente all have the story of the Patriots losing the offensive lineman to Romeo Crennel. Eric McHugh says that the Patriots are making it clear that they don’t have room for sentiment when making personnel decisions…they’re not about to turn Foxboro into a rest home. Hector Longo feels that if Troy Brown isn’t going to return to the Patriots, he should retire rather than bouncing to another team. Mike Reiss’ blog – which I believe is a textbook example of how a blog run by a news organization should be run – has five Patriots related items a couple not noted by anyone else, and promises more by 3:00 PM. I’ve said it before and will again, Reiss’ blog is a must-visit destination for Patriots fans. Felger’s notebook has the rumored trade between the Patriots and Cardinals that would bring cornerback Duane Starks to Foxboro.

TNT has Pacers/Nuggets at 8:00 and Pistons/Suns at 10:30. ESPN has Miami/Duke at 7:00. ESPN2 has Charlotte/Louisville at 7:00 and Purdue/Illinois at 9:00. NESN has Red Sox/Twins at 7:00.