Boston College falls in its home finale, more from Red Sox spring training, the Gary Payton watch continues and the Patriots continue the possible rebuilding of their front seven with the release of Roman Phifer. All in all, quite a bit going on here on a snowy down in the northeast.

Last night was Senior night in the final home game of the season for Boston College, it was supposed to be a festive and celebratory night for a record breaking basketball season. Instead, Pittsburgh came in and trounced the Eagles, 72-50, knocking the Eagles down to 23-3 on the season. Michael Vega and Mike Shalin have the game stories from Conte Forum. Lenny Megliola also has a report on the game. Michael Gee (subscription only) writes that BC is humbled by last night’s loss and determined that they’re not going to feel that way again. Vega’s notebook has athletic director Gene DeFilippo musing about the Eagles final home game in the Big East. Shalin’s notebook says Senior day has not been kind to BC football or basketball this season, with the team losing big games in both instances. Keeping on the college theme for a moment, the John Chaney incident continues to get big play on the Boston airwaves. WEEI has spent a lot of time discussing it, with Gerry Callahan making the unfortunate remark this morning: “At least Woody Hayes and Bobby Knight had the guts to do it themselves. Chaney is a coward who sent a goon out there.” (thanks Ben) I don’t know how you can make Hayes and Knight look good compared to Chaney in this situation, but Callahan tries anyway.

Gordon Edes has Larry Lucchino saying that he had no idea that Ken Caminiti was using steroids during the time that they were both in San Diego. The headline give to Tony Massarotti’s column today would have you believe the writer is about the complain that things are too boring and there isn’t enough controversy in Spring Training. Thankfully, the article isn’t like that. It has been quiet down there, but it’s a good thing. Steven Krasner has a piece on Byung-Hyun Kim, who is on his next last chance with the Red Sox. David Heuschkel has a piece on Johnny Damon, who has seen his popularity in Boston soar since the beginning of last season. David Borges looks at the friendship between Damon and Pawtucket Manager Ron Johnson, a relationship that goes back to 1992. Bob Ryan has a look at Red Sox prospect and Hyde Park native Manny Delcarmen, who is trying to come back from Tommy John surgery. Karen Guregian writes about reliever Matt Mantei, who is trying to clarify his remarks about Randy Johnson in NY from earlier in camp. Chris Snow’s notebook has Bill Meuller anxious to get back to playing in games, and will test out his knee in a “B” game on March 10th. Jeff Horrigan’s notebook looks at pitcher Wade Miller, who says he thinks he’ll be ready to go by opening day. Borges’ notebook also looks at Miller. That is also the topic of Krasner’s notebook.

David Scott has arrived in Ft. Myers and files his first report for BSMW from there. He also has a tale of an unnamed, obnoxious name-dropping writer that got on his nerves.

Bill Reynolds looks at the second coming of Antoine Walker, a situation that has already given the Celtics a boost, both on the court and on the sports radio airwaves. Steve Bulpett also looks at Antoine’s return, noting that he has given the team an “edgier overall presence”. Gerry Callahan (subscription only) says that Danny Ainge deserves applause for this move, people didn’t understand it at first, and now after only two games it’s being lauded as genius. Callahan says “Rarely will you find a trade that makes more sense than this one.” Mark Murphy looks at the increase in ticket sales since Walker was reacquired. Bulpett looks at Antoine’s thoughts on this Celtics team as opposed to the one he left, and has some assorted thoughts from the trip.

So will Gary Payton be a Celtic again? That’s the question to be answered in the next few days. Shira Springer looks at the situation, the competition for Payton, and what the return of Walker has meant for Paul Pierce and the rest of the Celtics. Mark Murphy also looks at the competition for Payton, with Denver being a late addition to the field. Ed Berliner on CN8 Sportspulse reported last night that sources told him that Payton’s close relationship with coach George Karl would tip the scales in the Nuggets favor. Jon Couture says that the Celtics are changing right before our eyes.

Celtics talk did dominate a lot of the afternoon drive show with Pete Sheppard once again filling in for Glenn Ordway. Larry Johnson was also on the show, along with Mike Adams. To their credit, the trio tried to talk Celtics, but was woefully unprepared to do so. They did not know some of the rules and policies of the NBA regarding waiver periods and personally for me, it’s somewhat disturbing for me to hear people who are paid to talk about sports for a living to admit that they’ve stopped watching a particular team or sport. If you don’t watch it, don’t admit it, because automatically anything you say is going to be invalidated. Johnson was one who said he had stopped watching the Celtics. That boggles my mind. He is on the station 2-3 times a week, and the Celtics do come up in conversation occasionally on the weekends, and he hasn’t watched the games? How can he be qualified at all to comment on what’s happening with the team, what their needs are and how they’re performing?

Michael Felger looks at the release of veteran linebacker Roman Phifer by the Patriots yesterday. He also looks at the deadlines for restricted and unrestricted free agency and notes that interview plans for Tedy Bruschi have been put on hold for the moment. Nick Cafardo reports on the release of Phifer as well, as does Tom E Curran. Last night was the premiere of the latest Super Bowl DVD, and Alan Greenberg and Mike Reiss were there to report not only on the film, but also to talk to many of the Patriots players about the season, the future, Tedy Bruschi and what the offseason holds. The Reiss article is particularly well done and interesting with a lot of details that the MetroWest writer is becoming known for providing.

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John Molori’s Media Blitz looks at the hiring of Michael Holley for the mid-day slot at WEEI. He finds the name “The Dale and Holley Show” a boring one, and asks for suggestions for names. He also takes a look at the Super Bowl DVD.

Today did mark the debut of the Dale & Holley show, and they got right into talking sports, with a discussion with Buster Olney about baseball and of course steroid use, some interesting points brought up in regards to pitchers and about Kevin Towers’ comments regarding his feelings of guilt over Ken Caminiti. They also talked some Celtics and Patriots in the first hour. The show promises to avoid the “take a side, stick to it to the death” format that many of the other shows on the station rely on, and would be a refreshing change.

ESPN and ESPN2 have College hoops tonight. Not much else in the way of sports on the airwaves.