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Nothing earth shattering this morning. We have more on Ty Law’s departure and Antoine Walker’s arrival. The BC hoops team took another step toward securing a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament by defeating Seton Hall yesterday and of course, the papers are filled with Red Sox stories.
Off we go.

Law Speaks

Ty Law spoke about his release for the first time yesterday with the Globe’s Nick Cafardo. This reads much like a press release, as if Carl Poston, Law’s agent, actually wrote the story. Poston, one of the most loathed agents in the NFL, also represents Terry Glenn and Lawyer Milloy. In the past, when any of Poston’s players were making controversial news, it has been Cafardo with the first story. Poston and Cafardo obviously have a relationship, with Poston knowing his guys will be handled with kid gloves.

Take a look at these two classics toward the end of Cafardo’s story:

If people hold his honesty against him, that would be a shame.

Nobody could fill a reporter's notebook faster with thoughtful and relevant material.

This is a joke, right? A day after being one of two major circulation newspapers in the country to earn the Associated Press Sports Editors “Triple Crown” for ranking in the Top 10 with their daily, Sunday and special sections, the Globe gives us this?

Please. If we held his honestly against him? This is the same guy that was caught at the Canadian border with ecstasy and tried to convince Bill Belichick and New England fans that it was his cousin’s? And he’s the same guy that promised 100 percent guaranteed that he would never play for the Patriots and/or Belichick again months before the 2004 campaign started.

Yeah, Nick, we won’t hold his honestly against him.

The second statement is so ridiculous that it really doesn’t warrant a response except that if a shameless self-promoter who routinely lies is the most-intelligent interview Cafardo has dealt with in more than 20 years covering Major League Baseball and the NFL than we feel sorry for him. We’re sure that Tom Glavine, who Cafardo wrote a book with, would be especially thrilled by that remark.

The Globe’s newest football guy, Jerome Solomon, has Bob Kraft’s thoughts on Law departing. Nothing against Solomon, but how could the Globe really bypass the ProJo’s Tom Curran in this most recent hiring. He’s been the best Patriots’ beat writer three years running and isn’t the Globe supposed to be about giving its readers the best?

Speaking of Curran, he has a story on Eric Mangini and his swift rise up the coaching ranks, while over at the Herald, Kevin Mannix checks in with his Sunday football notes.

Red Sox Stuff

On the baseball front, The Globe’s Gordon Edes has three stories for today’s viewing pleasure, including a piece on David Wells and the highly-anticipated (tongue firmly planted) spring training pitching schedule in his notebook. Edes also has his Sunday notes with a well-written opening about Barry Bonds.

Elsewhere, Steven Krasner has a look at Kevin Youkilis and the possibility of him starting the season at Pawtucket. Krasner also has a notebook looking at Curt Schilling among other subjects. Jeff Horrigan looks at new Sox utility infielder Ramon Vazquez. Horrigan also has Schilling complaining about his second bullpen session in his notebook. Tony Massarotti has his Sunday baseball notes, including a look at Nomar being Nomar at Cubs camp.


The Eagles defeated Seton Hall, 70-58, and in the process, all but secured the Big East regular season title. Michael Vega and Mike Shalin have the game stories. Shalin also has a notebook.

As for Walker, Shira Springer has him returning as a new man, while Steve Bulpett has Walker giving the C’s more options.


Scott’s Shots continues working overtime from Fort Myers with yet another submission, while Bill Griffith looks at the NFL’s television options.