Tedy Bruschi returned home from the hospital late yesterday afternoon. Nick Cafardo, Michael Felger, and Tom Curran all have the story. All three contain quotes from medical experts speculating about Bruschi’s future. In the Globe, Stephen Smith writes about the possibility of returning to a normal life after suffering a stroke.

Cafardo also has a brief notebook with items about the Patriots’ assistant strength coach leaving for a promotion with the Jets, minor surgeries for two members of the defense and the next steps in negotiations with Adam Vinatieri. Yesterday, in his Tip Sheet on ESPN.com, Len Pasquarelli wrote about the increased role that Bill Belichick will likely play in the Patriots’ offense next year. Pasquarelli wrote that Belichick has played a larger role in the offense than has previously been reported. I’m continually amazed at how much better the information on the Patriots seems to be from national writers than the local scribes.

Hockey may not be done yet. Kevin Paul Dupont has the story of talks back on between the players and owners. In a story on ESPN.com, EJ Hradek cites sources saying a deal could be imminent that would un-cancel the season.

Matt Clement is one theme in Red Sox coverage today. Jeff Horrigan and Chris Snow both have Clement stating he is ready for the pressure of pitching in Boston.

Horrigan also has the Red Sox not adding any fuel to the fire, but also not backing down from previous comments about Alex Rodriguez. Does anyone else feel like his addition has added a little bit of hatred between the teams that just wasn’t there before? Maybe it’s just me.

Dan Shaughnessy writes about New York’s new obsession with the Red Sox. Krasner has fans savoring last year’s championship, but still thirsting for more. Dave Heuschkel writes about the value of Jason Varitek to the Red Sox.

Lots of news tidbits in Horrigan’s, Krasner’s, and Snow’s notebooks including the continuing saga of ring-gate. Will the Sox hand out their championship rings in front of the Yankees or not?

Finally, in the first edition of the Power Rankings on ESPN.com, Buster Olney has the Sox ranked at number two behind the Yankees.

Not a lot of Celtics news this morning with the All Star game tomorrow. Shira Springer files an All-Star notebook which has Paul Pierce wanting the opportunity to win a championship rather than pile up All-Star appearances. Springer also writes about Tony Allen’s and Al Jefferson’s appearance in last night’s Rookie Challenge. Steve Bulpett has Pierce happy with the direction of the Celtics. Bulpett also writes about the strong performances of Jefferson and Allen in the Rookie Challenge.

I apologize that this was not posted earlier today. This was my first time compiling the links. I’ll try to get this posted earlier on future weekends. I have a newfound respect for the incredible job Bruce does with this site. If you see anything I missed or want to make any comments, feel free to send me an email at tmomo89888@aol.com.