It appears the NHL season is finished before it ever started. Not sure what’s worse, that it’s the first time a major North American sport has cancelled an entire season or that no one seems to care. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has the Globe story, while the Courant’s Bruce Berlet has a Hall of Famer saying these actions are ridiculous.

For the most part, it was a quiet Thursday for the local sports scene. There’s more on the Eric Mangini front, as a trio of teams vie for his services. Stories are filed from the usual suspects, the Globe’s Nick Cafardo, the Herald’s Michael Felger, the ProJo’s Tom Curran and the Courant’s Alan Greenberg. Curran also rehashes the bizarre he said, he said between some Eagles players, including Donovan McNabb, regarding Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The Red Sox are three weeks away from their Spring Training opener on March 3. One player who won’t be there is Bill Mueller, who’s likely to miss about a month after knee surgery. The Globe’s new beat man, Chris Snow, has the scoop. Jeff Horrigan and Dave Heuschkel have the Mueller news, too.
Horrigan also files a Sox notebook, with Theo Epstein saying no further roster moves are expected. Snow also has a piece on new Sox reliever Matt Mantei.

Meanwhile, Dan Shaughnessy hits on multiple topics, including his yearly rehash on the equipment truck leaving Fenway and some quotes from B.C. hoops coach Al Skinner on the lack of attention his program has received. Gerry Callahan (pay subscription required) writes about Jose Canseco and his soon-to-be-released book, while the Courant’s Dom Amore has more on the steroids topic at Jason Giambi’s press conference yesterday at Yankee Stadium.

Globe media guru Bill Griffith speaks with departed WEEI midway co-host Bob Neumeier in his column. BSMW’s own Dave Scott puts forth the perfect candidate to be Dale and WEEI’s midday mate: “It is I,” says Scott. “And I is it. Moses Malone said that.” Check out the not-so-mad ramblings of Scott’s Shots at: