The ultimate week of hype is under way. We’re besieged with articles and once again my impeccable sense of timing strikes again. No real time today to do a proper job with the links. Somehow the biggest project of my working career got scheduled for the last month and a half, and while the major stuff is done, there’s a lot of little things to do over the next few weeks still.

A few highlights from today, Bob Ryan’s article on the Patriots constant striving for group success, and what it really means to a number of them. Alan Greenberg has a piece on Willie McGinest, who has had his career reborn the last couple years. Mike Reiss has a good piece on the bond between Troy Brown and the Kraft family, who call Brown ” the quintessential Patriot.” Jim McCabe has a piece on Patriots great Julius Adams, who find himself having to root for the Eagles this week, as his son Keith is on the Philadelphia squad.

There are dozens of other articles, but if I had to pick four, those would be them. You can access the all sports pages from New England by clicking on the “Newspaper Sports Sections” header to the left. If you want the Philadelphia perspective, you can go to the NFL section of

John Molori’s Media Blitz has a look at the local and national on-site coverage of Super Bowl week.

Cheers to Mike Adams, who on WEEI yesterday afternoon called out some of his colleagues in advance for their inevitable complaining about the location of the Super Bowl and their accommodations. A caller wanted to bring up the issue and I had expected him to be quickly dismissed, however Adams took the ball and ran with it, noting that these media people are well compensated, all of their expenses are taken care of and in most cases they have tickets to the greatest sporting event in this country. Packages similar to that for a regular fan would run in the thousands of dollars. For them to complain about any aspect of the week and what’s involved in it for them personally is insulting to their audience.

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