Limited links today as having to leave earlier for work because of the weather has put a cap on my time today. But then again, there really aren’t a whole lot of stories in the local papers today. I think I got most of the major ones. On another note, is it too much to ask for a little balance on the airwaves? Everything is put in black and white terms. Hyperbole is rule number one, whichever way it goes. I can tell you this…I don’t want the on-air personalities of this market representing on a national level the feelings of the average fan of the Patriots. I’m embarrassed by most of them.

Nick Cafardo has a nice piece on the Patriots who are going to their fourth Super Bowl together. Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider has a look at Scott Pioli’s huge role in the Patriots success and ends with the Patriots getting the last laugh on the Steelers once again. To partner with the Pioli article, there is also a piece that breaks down how each player on the Patriots roster arrived here in New England. Dan Shaughnessy gives us a good look at Steve Belichick, father of Bill. Karen Guregian says that winning never gets boring for the Patriots. Chris Kennedy has a look at how the Patriots secondary has changed, and will likely change more with the probably departure of Ty Law. Steve Buckley (subscription only) tells us that these Patriots are giving the younger generation of Boston sports fans tales to tell about the “glory days” when they get older.

In case you missed it, Jim Nantz is speaking out of his hat again. Yesterday on the Tim Brando show on Sporting News Radio, Nantz had the following to say about Bill Belichick:

I have zero knowledge of this, okay, and I know Bill Belichick real well. If he wins the Super Bowl, which I believe he will, why wouldn't he retire? No one has raised that and here's why: you've won three out of four Super Bowls; you have done all you can do when you've won three out of four Super Bowls. You know - and I got into this last night in the broadcast - that is the definition of a modern-day dynasty. I asked him because if you say, hey, is this a dynasty you're building, he won't even answer you. But, I said, 'in your scope, your 30-year history of being around the league, what would you say qualifies as a dynasty, what you've watched?' And what I was doing was getting Bill's definition of a dynasty. The first team he mentioned - the Dallas Cowboys because they had won three well, he didn't say it but I knew it. They had won three out of four. So, if the Cowboys were a dynasty, then, my goodness, Bill has it in his head that this would be, yes, a dynasty. He's going to lose Romeo Crennel, his defensive coordinator. He's going to lose Charlie Weis. He's going to Notre Dame. He's probably going to lose another assistant or two, like a Pepper Johnson may be gone with a Romeo Crennel. You've won three out of four. You now have passed (Vince) Lombardi. You're the winningest coach in the history of the postseason. Go take some time off.

Of course, just the day before, Belichick said in his press conference that he liked his job, and wasn’t “ready to graduate” just yet. But Nantz knows Belichick “real well”. I think this is the very definition of a media member just “throwing it out there”.

Michael Parente takes a look at the Eagles, their roster and what they’ve accomplished. Nick Cafardo has an update on Terrell Owens. Micheal Gee (subscription only) attempts to tell readers of the Herald all they need to know about the Eagles, including comparisons to the Patriots, what their strengths and weaknesses are and some trivia. Jim McCabe looks at the Eagles pulling tight end Jeff Thomason out of retirement for the Super Bowl.

On another note, the following email came into my inbox the other night:

I am a reporter with the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, and I'm coming to the Boston-area this week for some pre-reporting before the Super Bowl. I'm interested in finding fans from your area who are traveling down to Jacksonville for the game. I'm particularly interested in fans who have traveled/will travel to the three recent Super Bowl appearances. I stumbled across your Web site and it looks like you have your finger on the pulse of the Patriots. If you can help me, I would really appreciate it.

If you fit those terms, or know someone who does, who would be willing to speak to this reporter, please send me an email with the contact information (phone # included) and I’ll forward them onto the reporter.

The Celtics finally won a game on the road last night, albeit against the expansion Charlotte Bobcats. Peter May and Steve Bulpett report on the victory. Both May’s notebook and Bulpett’s notebook look at the possibility of Walter McCarty getting dealt to the Suns for a second round draft pick.

Thanks to ESPN Radio 900 in Nashua for a shout out last night. “The Marty and the MuttMan” show which is on weekdays from 5-6 has saved my drive home on a few occasions recently. They have Bob Ryan on the show on a weekly basis, and last week’s visit with Mike Lupica was terrific as well.

FSN has Celtics/Pacers at 7:00. ESPN has Marquette/Louisville at 7:00 and Maryland/Duke at 9:00. ESPN2 has Notre Dame/Villanova at 7:30. NESN has *gulp* Game 6 of the 1986 World Series at 6:00.