You can't feed your family off of Super Bowl rings. --Lawyer Milloy, 01/20/05

The above was said on WEEI yesterday afternoon and is a sad indictment of a player whom I used to admire greatly.

There are many links today, and I’m not going to get to all of them. I’m going to mix things up a little here, and provide some of the highlights of the articles today, along with some other thoughts and commentary from the week. I’ve gotten some feedback that this site should be much more than just bringing links to every story out there to one central location, though that will always be one of the main features here. December and January have been tough months for me time wise, and I haven’t been able to spend as much time doing links as I would like. If anyone is interested in perhaps filling in occasionally for the weekends, let me know. The two guys who help me out there have expressed that it be a bit consuming on the weekends and a break would be in order. It would also help me on days that I might be away…

Ron Borges has a “colorful” article today looking at some color-coded NFL player ratings system used by a few clubs, and what that system says about the matchup of the Steelers and Patriots. This week Ron picks the Patriots to win the Globe staff picks. Question though…it says Ron’s record last week was 4-0. How can that be? He’s admitted that he didn’t make the pick of the Patriots in his name on Friday, and on Sunday, he picked the Colts. How can he be 4-0 last week?

Mike Reiss pays homage to Will McDonough, by doing something that the late Globe sportswriter used to…get some coaches or officials from around the NFL to come on the record and discuss the matchup. Alan Greenberg looks at the matchup against the “throwback” Steelers. Jim Donaldson says this matchup figures to be much different from the last meeting. Ron Hobson looks at the Bill Belichick/Bill Cowher matchup. Hector Longo attempts to dissect the Steelers. Dan Shaughnessy says Bill Belichick must be frustrated that he cannot control the elements. Tim Weisberg says that the Patriots undersized receivers have to play big on Sunday. Chris Kennedy looks at the Patriots special group of linebackers. Pete Thamel in the NY Times has a piece on Stephen Neal with details of how he got into football and specifically to the Patriots. A nice little feature the Globe has added is Inside the Huddle with Steve Nelson.

From Pittsburgh, you can find stories in the Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review.

Bench Blount?

Michael Muldoon says that it is time for Mark Blount to sit and for Kendrick Perkins and Al Jefferson to get the bulk of the playing time. Mike Fine looks at Blount hitting rock bottom. Mark Murphy has a look at Perkins, who has battled through frustration and is now getting his chance to play some more extended minutes. Paul Harber contrasts the rookie years of Al Jefferson and Delonte West. Jim Fenton looks at the awful Atlantic Division, which finds the Celtics tied for the lead at 18-20. Murphy’s notebook looks at Jefferson sitting out practice yesterday because of a sore foot.

Boston College

Yesterday alone I must’ve gotten a dozen emails on one subject alone. The theme of these emails was simple. Where. Are All. The BC. Links? (best said in Ted Sarandis voice.) 15-0 can’t be ignored any longer. Well, it can, but not by me. Of course, I’m pretty much a day late with this, as there’s only a couple links here. Michael Vega and Mike Shalin look at Jared Dudley, who had 36 points Wednesday night in helping BC stay undefeated with a win over Villanova. The sophomore forward has yet to hit the local radar really, but was the subject of an article by Andy Katz on this week. I’ll try to do better on BC hoops going forward and as they keep being successful. Sarandis last night said that he feels BC has a great chance to become the number three team in the area, behind the Red Sox and Patriots. They keep winning, who knows?

Another Snow Job

Damn that Chris Snow. How am I going to be able to continue to ridicule the Globe if he keeps cranking out informative pieces like the one he has today on four of Theo Epstein’s assistants, Jed Hoyer, Peter Woodfork, Galen Carr, and Brian O’Halloran.

Be sure to check out the BSMW Store…many new items just added in the last few days.


Yesterday, WEEI let it be known that the reason they trumpet their ratings successes is because none of the “media writers” will do it for them. Bill Griffith does it today, but likely not enough to their liking. I gave my opinion of the on-air “grabass” sessions that the station has been engaging in this week, sessions I found to be nauseating after a few minutes. Response was overwhelmingly positive to what I had to say, with just a couple exceptions. Two people gave the opinion that I have some sort of axe to grind against the station. Not true. I criticize the station because I know how much better it can be. I want it to be. There are already many good things about the station, and perhaps I’m guilty of not always pointing those things out. So here’s a short list of good things about WEEI:

1) D&C get some great guests, and those sessions are usually the highlight of the shows. This morning’s interview with Mike Lupica was outstanding, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

2) Peter Gammons’ appearances on the Big Show. I grew up reading Gammons Sunday Notes column each week in the Globe, and have missed them greatly. Now WEEI basically does a radio version of this feature during the baseball season.

3) Ted Nation, while Teddy is the brunt of jokes from a lot of quarters, I like that he brings on a lot of the lesser known media people in town and you get to hear their opinions. Guys like Chris Price, Paul Perillo, Del Jones, Jeff Goodman, etc.

4) Dale & Neumy usually have an interesting program, they’re not afraid to do some research and tackle subjects that might be a little deeper than the other programs will touch. They’re also usually a bit above to sophomoric high jinks common to his genre.

5) The whiner line. A guilty pleasure. Some of the stuff on there is the funniest stuff you’ll hear anywhere. Some spot-on imitations and parodies that leave me laughing.

There you go, some not-negative things about the station. The criticism will continue from this point forward. Try not to be so thin-skinned, boys. Thanks for the cheap shots this morning too. Glad to see this little internet site can get under the skin of the “highest rated sports radio station in the country”.

There’s a certain level of irony in the air when John Dennis can talk about people who don’t get their facts straight when he’s the one who read an article from on the air and thought it was real…who is the “dumbass” (term used by Dennis on the air) there, John?

Jim Baker won’t touch the WEEI numbers, and doesn’t even mention the station at all. No big surprise there. Dave Scott talks about the Globe, Chris Collins and other media items. John Howell looks at Rob Dibble and ESPN parting ways.


FSN has Celtics/Nets at 7:30. ESPN has Pacers/Heat at 8:00 and Spurs/Suns at 10:30. On NESN at 6:30, SportsPlus will have Ron Borges, Nick Cafardo, and Tim Fox previewing this Sunday’s game.