As the Bucks prepared to take the court for their final possession, Hells Bells blared over the PA system and Tommy Heinsohn screamed the above…easily the funniest moment in a night of drama at the FleetCenter. The Celtics won the game, 101-100, improving their record to 6-8, but the moment that will be remembered and talked about will of course be Doc Rivers pulling Paul Pierce with 4:45 left in the game after the captain failed to run the fast break all out. Games stories are provided by Shira Springer, Steve Bulpett and Shalise Manza Young. Pierce came in a couple minutes after the benching and hit a huge three point shot to essentially seal the game for the Celtics. Lenny Megliola says that Pierce and Rivers likely didn’t go out for a beer after the game, as Pierce quickly left the building without speaking on the matter. The BSMW Full Court Press concludes its two-part look at Pierce today. These comments were never more relevant than they are today.

The Mark Blount that the Celtics paid out 38 Million dollars to during the offseason finally showed up last night, putting in 16 points and grabbing 16 rebounds. Peter May and Gus Martins look at the biggest night of the season for the Celtics center. Kevin Gray looks at ahead to NH’s own Matt Bonner facing the Celtics when he comes in with the Raptors on Friday night. May notes that the appeals process for the suspensions handed out by the NBA in the Pacers/Pistons fight is getting started. Buddy Thomas says the NBA is a shell of it’s glory days. Martins looks at John Havlicek coming in to honor Gary Payton for scoring his 20,000th NBA point. Springer’s notebook looks at Delonte West having hand surgery. Bulpett’s notebook says that increased time for Marcus Banks is the short term result. Young’s notebook looks at Payton being honored.

Ty Law made an appearance in the Patriots locker room during media time yesterday and the Pats cornerback talked about his injury and that he hopes to be back “in a couple weeks”. Nick Cafardo, Michael Felger and Mike Reiss all report on Law’s progress. Alan Greenberg also reports on Law as well as Matt Light, who practiced yesterday and did not even appear on the injury report. This is the second time in a few weeks that a Pats player has left the game with what appeared to be a serious injury that turned out to be minor. Tedy Bruschi in the Buffalo game was of course the other. Michael Parente has Bill Belichick’s opinion of the Browns, a team he feels could be sparked by the coaching change. Christopher Price also covers this angle. Tom E Curran looks at Belichick’s time in Cleveland and how it still affects him.

Chris Kennedy says the Patriots are just as worthy of the sportsmen of the year award as the Red Sox are. This is a theme covered by David Pevear of the Lowell Sun earlier this week. Mark Farinella writes an “open letter” to the Krafts, pleading them to allow High School football games to be played at Gillette. Michael Gee (subscription only) says that Tom Brady may not make the Pro Bowl this year, (he feels Manning, Brees and Roethlisberger will likely be the choices) but he’s the number one QB in the league when it counts. The Financial Times reports that the Krafts may be part of a group looking to purchase a European Soccer Franchise.

Cafardo’s notebook has Belichick wary of the Browns. Felger’s notebook has more from Belichick on Cleveland. Curran’s notebook also pursues this theme. Reiss’ notebook looks at the Browns QB situation. Kennedy’s notebook and Parente’s notebook each look at Ty Law.

Bob Ryan looks at the Pedro Martinez situation, trying to read the tea leaves and figure out what exactly is going to happen with the erstwhile Sox ace. Steve Buckley (subscription only) also looks at the Pedro talks, and says that if Martinez insists on a fourth year, than the Sox should just say farewell. He praises Theo Epstein for his bottom-line approach. David Heuschkel says that the Sox are already trying to find a replacement for Pedro. Sean McAdam says that the Mets are already looking to sweeten their offer to Martinez. Bob Hohler looks at the Sox trying to cover all options for adding pitching to their club, both free agents and trades. Michael Silverman looks at the Yankees supposedly pulling out of talks for Randy Johnson, and if this means they could again be players for Pedro. Kevin Gray reports on John Valentin joining the NH Fisher Cats as hitting coach. Does this mean putting his media career on hold? Silverman’s notebook says things might be looking up in the Varitek contract talks.

The big story on sports radio and likely TV as well is from this article in the San Francisco Chronicle which reports on Jason Giambi admitting to talking steroids.

There may be no links tomorrow as I will be out of town. Unless one of the weekend guys has time to put a post together, you might be on your for stories…

TNT has Mavs/Rockets at 8:00 and Cavs/Nuggets at 10:30.