A few items for the afternoon:

Did John Dennis really quote this parody story from TheBrushback.com this morning as his “buzzerbeater”, believing it to be a REAL, factual story? He even used the Zach Thomas “quotes”.

Last Thursday the LA Daily News published an article on the top dozen turkeys in the world of sports media. Making the list was Ron Borges and his confrontation with Michael Katz:

WHEN BOXING WRITERS ATTACK The culprits: Ron Borges and Michael Katz.

The crime: Borges, of the Boston Globe, and Katz, of maxboxing.com, were part of the media covering the Oscar De la Hoya-Bernard Hopkins bout in June at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Then, Borges and Katz became the undercard.

Katz, who wears a neck brace and walks with a cane, accused Borges of being a "toadie" for fight promoter Don King. Borges retaliated by slapping Katz and knocking off his beret.

"You schmuck, how can you hit a cripple?" Katz said.

"You've been getting away with that (infirmity) for years," Borges answered.

That caused Katz to start poking Borges with his cane, setting off a melee. One person landed on promoter Bob Arum, knocking him down.

The aftermath: Katz would only call the incident "embarrassing." Borges wouldn't comment. The judges scored it an ugly draw.

Mike Reiss files a report from Foxboro today where he says that Matt Light “looked fine” walking through the locker room today. He also reports on some other goings on around the stadium this morning.

Some links from the later papers. Game stories for yesterday from David PevearEric McHughMike LoweGlen Farley and Tom King. Also, Ron Borges looks at the AFC playoff picture for MSNBC. Ron Hobson and Win Bates look at the terrific afternoon for Corey Dillon. Steve Solloway says that watching the Patriots is better than any reality series on TV. Hector Longo says that Tedy Bruschi needs to be sent to his first Pro Bowl this year. King’s notebook has more on Dillon, while Lowe’s notebook looks at the Patriots preparation for days like yesterday.

Mark Farinella writes about the High School football playoffs…and still manages a major dig at Bill Belichick.

The folks who run Gillette Stadium have given absolutely no thought to playing host to the playoffs, nor will they as long as there is a grass surface in the stadium, or as long as Bill Belichick is head coach.

Belichick would never agree to having his field chewed up by high school football players -- even though, last year, he offered no objections whatsoever to the damage wrought to the grass field by his own team until the NFL intervened as the playoffs began, and forced the Kraft organization to re-sod the surface before the game against Tennessee.

Belichick wanted to play on a chewed-up field last year because his team was the one that chewed it up, and the groundskeepers managed the damage to his liking. Playing as many as four high school games on the Saturday before an NFL game would cause ruts and holes that couldn't be repaired to Belichick's specifications quickly.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Be sure to tune in next week when Farinella provides irrefutable evidence that Bill Belichick is solely responsible for Global Warming. That’s all this afternoon from the BSMW Ivory Tower…