I expected it from Dennis and Callahan, but not from the Big Show. Less than 48 hours after the Red Sox won their first World Series in 86 years, Glenn Ordway has to lead his show in a discussion of…politics. I realize there is a Presidential Election on tap for next week, but c’mon, this is a sports station, and it’s not like there is a lack of a compelling topic to talk about this week. THE RED SOX JUST WON THE WORLD SERIES.

It’s uncalled for on the “Sports Radio Leader”.

It’s more ironic that Glenn mentioned that Boston media people were upset with Ted Sarandis for allegedly cheering for the Red Sox in the auxiliary press box Wednesday night. What a crime. Apparently there are “rules” that the press must maintain decorum and remain objective in covering such a serious topic such as sports, yet these same guys feel that it is acceptable to be using their position on the airwaves to push their own political agendas, whatever they may be.

Glenn…people don’t want to be listening to your political views this week of all times. You should be ashamed of yourself for using your show to promote these things.