Articles today are again way too numerous to link. The Boston Herald alone has at least 25 Red Sox related articles today. The Globe has almost as many, and The Projo is stocked full as well. I’ll once again attempt to bring you some of the stuff that stands out to me.

As usual Bob Ryan “gets it “. While some of his Globe colleagues cannot enjoy the win, Ryan understands what this means to the real fan. Tony Massarotti says the 2004 Red Sox found the right combination in all areas. Lenny Megliola looks at how the Sox made history. Alex Speier says that not even filmmakers could’ve anticipated how this postseason would go for the Red Sox. Steve Britt looks at 10 postseason heroes for the Red Sox. David Heuschkel has a nice look at Terry Francona. David Borges writes about Johnny Pesky and Ellis Burks, both finally World Series Champs. Stan Grossfeld writes about the triumphant return to Boston by the Red Sox. I like the quotes from Pedro that end the article:

Just don't tell us you'll sign with the Yankees.

"I promise," he said. "I'm not going to the Yankees. I want to stay right here.''

To be honest though, I’m scratching my head at some of this coverage. I should’ve expected it, but thought that perhaps it would come later, not before the team had even had it’s victory parade yet. What am I talking about? The negative talk, the downer stuff. The leader of the pack is of course Dan Shaughnessy, and while he starts out talking about the jubilation of the fans and how this was worth the wait, he ends with:

Personally, I already miss the old Red Sox a little.

The Red Sox as we have always known them are gone forever. They never again will be the cuddly team on a near century-long, quixotic quest. They are no longer cursed and they will cease to be America's team as soon as the hangover wears off. The ghosts are purged. Buckner and Friends are off the hook. All of them.

Now the men who play at Fenway Park are simply the World Champion Boston Red Sox. The best team in baseball.

I guess we'll have to settle for that.

I supposed we can acknowledge that Dan is mourning the loss of his cottage industry, which extends well beyond the books. The books will still sell for a time. He’ll add the final chapter, the happy ending, and sell thousands of copies. For the next few weeks, maybe even months, he’ll still get the call to make TV and Radio appearances around the country, being well compensated for these. But they will gradually peter out. The days of the easy income will be over. Soon he’ll no longer be the alleged foremost expert on the Red Sox curse, he’ll just be another tired, bitter, out of touch sportswriter whose time has passed him by. How sad. His colleague at the Globe, Brian McGrory insists that winning is a positive thing, but every other word of his column indicates he wishes they were still losers. ( I mean, c’mon, even Jim Donaldson “gets it” for crying out loud.) I began reading Howard Bryant’s column today with great promise. He revealed he was hoping that the Red Sox would win game four. For a while, his column feels good, he even takes a little shot at the “the cottage industries that have sprouted over the past 20 years, the prospectors who exploited 86 years of failure at big profits.” (Hi Dan!) But Bryant ends on a down note as he reveals why he hoped the Sox would win game four:

During this month of splendor, I had a theory: The Red Sox winning the World Series over time would make them one of the more loathed franchises in baseball, at least outside of Boston. The lifting of the historical baggage will also remove the sympathy, and the Red Sox can now be viewed for what they are, a financial monster that will smartly and shrewdly use its power to take players from the weak in the same vein as the bauble-buying Yankees. Both teams, unlike the rest of the league (Dodgers and Cubs possibly excluded) are the only ones in baseball that are never faced with losing players for financial reasons.

He adds that the new chapter has begun, and he’s looking forward to the ongoing story. The Red Sox may well lose Pedro, Lowe and Varitek for “financial reasons”. Gerry Callahan explores what could have happened had Schilling gone to the Yankees and ARod came to the Red Sox.

Elsewhere, on a more enjoyable topic Glenn and the Big Show boys went after Paul Costine, A.K.A “Angry Bill” for an idiotic article that appeared in NY Newsday yesterday. Ordway called him a fraud, and with good reason. Costine is another who sees his 15 minutes of fame rapidly fading out. Thank God. The man is a miserable, pathetic little twit who actually dares to blame his alcoholism on the Red Sox. He’s angry that the Red Sox have won the World Series. He called into Dennis and Callahan this morning to try to defend himself, said he’s been trying to call during this Championship run, but hasn’t been able to get through. He sucked up to John and Gerry, as he usually does and asked for a “special” number to be able to call in. He made no mention of his pronouncement that the Red Sox have “no bullets left in the gun” which he made after the Sox beat the Yankees.

David Scott has been writing non-stop since the Red Sox won. He checks in with a post game coverage report card of the various media types.

One thing I can admire. Edward Cossette has closed up shop on “Bambino’s Curse” the weblog he’s been writing for a number of years now. The mission has been accomplished. He doesn’t have to pursue the quest of the Red Sox winning it all anymore. Best wishes to Edward as he moves forward. I had a few moments of reflection on whether the Red Sox winning the World Series would effect BSMW at all. Will the writers and media now change? After a few minutes I quickly realized that no, nothing will really change, except for the curse references. The Patriots have won two Super Bowl titles and we still have the same media goofiness by certain people, perhaps even more so now. I’m confident that the Boston sports media will continue on, just as they have before in their coverage of the Red Sox.

Yes, there is a pretty big football game on this weekend. If I can find the time (and energy – I bushed) maybe I can get some Patriots links up this afternoon.