The playoff bound Red Sox cut their magic number to three last night with a seven run 8th inning last night to beat the Yankees 12-5 at Fenway Park. The Yankees still have a firm control of the AL East with a 4.5 game lead. Bob Hohler, Jeff Horrigan, and Sean McAdam have game stories.

In Hohler’s game story, he has Tito Francona referring to the game as a “great win”. There is a sentiment out there that Francona conceded the AL East earlier and that message was sent with the use of BH Kim in the 9th inning on Thursday night in a two-run game. Scott Williamson was available and according to Sean McAdam in his notebook, needs and wants innings to get his velocity back to where he wants it. Wouldn’t Williamson have been a better choice than Kim? You have to wonder what kind of message that sends to Williamson as well as the rest of the Red Sox. McAdam also looks at Wakefield trying to recover from his slump. Bob Hohler