Mark Farinella knows he’s isn’t going to get much sympathy for writing this column. He writes it anyway. So I have to give him points for honesty and guts, I guess. He acknowledges the success of Bill Belichick and then says:

But does his success justify a methodology which is inherently dishonest, and at the very least, unnecessarily paranoid?

I refer, of course, to Belichick's distaste for full disclosure -- his refusal to offer accurate information about injuries to the public (as reported dutifully by ink-stained wretches such as myself), or his frequent forays into what the political pundits used to call "disinformation'' during the Nixon White House.

I can understand to a point, and as I said I give Farinella points for being honest about how he feels about the issue. At least he is being truthful and forthright about this issue. Other media types around town put their frustration into slanted coverage of the coach and team. With that out of the way I also agree with his first point. He’s not getting any sympathy from me. Del Jones says the Patriots are just hoping to get through tomorrow night without any injuries. David Pevear has more on Christian Fauria and what his role on the team might be.

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