With the shortest paragraphs this side of Jim Donaldson, Bob Stern looks at the Red Sox hitting their stride with a three game sweep of the Blue Jays. Rob Bradford looks at the Sox finishing off a .700 homestand. Alan Greenwood says the “experts” said a 7-3 homestand would be acceptable, and that is what the Sox delivered. Mike Fine has a look at Tim Wakefield hoping to round back into form for the stretch run. Mike Lupica says the Red Sox would be a very dangerous playoff opponent…if they can get in. Fine’s notebook looks at Earl Snyder’s Red Sox debut.

Eric McHugh looks at Jim Miller, returning to health and hoping to be a part of the 2004 Patriots. Glen Farley and Chris Kennedy each have articles on linebacker Justin Kurpeikis, who led the Patriots with nine defensive tackles last Friday night, but faces an uphill climb in trying to make the rotation. McHugh’s notebook looks at Matt Light, Kennedy’s notebook looks at concern over the passing game.