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Red Sox

Orlando Cabrera delivered in the bottom of the ninth, giving the Fenway faithful something to cheer the Red Sox shortstop about. Game stories are provided by Bob HohlerMichael SilvermanJoe McDonaldTom YantzGarry Brown and David Borges. As mentioned, Cabrera delivered his first big moment for the Red Sox last night, and Lenny Megliola takes a look at the shortstop, who is still adjusting to life in Boston. Sean McAdam says that Tommy Harper has been trying to help Cabrera in his new life with the Red Sox. Marc Carig looks at Cabrera, finally feeling good about himself with his new team. Steve Buckley also has a subscription column on Cabrera, which even though I have a subscription to, I can’t read because the login page is messed up. Joe Haggerty also looks at Cabrera delivering for the Sox.

Adam Kilgore has a look at the performance of Pedro Martinez last night, who didn’t get the victory, but was happy with the team win. Michael Gee also had a subscription column on Pedro. (see above) Steve Buckley has a look at the contributions of Johnny Damon last night, who hit a solo home run and scored the winning run from first. David Borges has a look at callup Earl Snyder, who got the call yesterday to replace Kevin Youkilis on the big league roster. Michael Gee has a look at Keith Foulke, who got the win last night and doesn’t really think of himself as a closer. Marc Carig takes a look at the time that Terry Francona the player had to switch to a position he had not played before. Hohler’s notebook looks at Youkilis and David McCarty heading to the DL. That is also the subject of Silverman’s notebook, who also looks at the continued tensions between the Sox and Blue Jays. McDonald’s notebook looks at Earl Snyder being called up as a replacement. That is also the lead topic of Yantz’s notebook. Brown’s notebook and Borges’ notebook also look at the continued roster shuffling by the Red Sox.


Michael Parente and Kevin Mannix each look at Dan Klecko’s efforts to make the transition from Nose Tackle to Middle Linebacker. The second year player is getting assistance and advice from Tedy Bruschi, who made a similar move early in his career, changing from a lineman to a linebacker. Adam Kilgore – doing double duty – Sox and Pats (see the David Scott article below) looks at Bill Belichick’s fondness for taking Lineman and turning them into linebackers. Joe Burris and Chris Kennedy each look at speedster Michael Jennings, hoping to transform from a track star to a wide receiver. So far he has opened a few eyes and looks to be a prime practice squad candidate. Alan Greenberg takes a good look at the Troy Brown at Cornerback experiment and the reasoning behind it by Bill Belichick. Christopher Price also looks at this topic.

Kevin McNamara looks at the Patriots situation at backup QB. Glen Farley has a good look at Lonnie Paxton as he comes back from the first major injury of his career with a new perspective on life and football. Dave D’Onofrio has a look at Dana Stubblefield as he continues to learn the system and fit in with his new team. Eric McHugh has a look at Tom Ashworth getting back to work. Jonathan Comey says that the NFL is targeting the Patriots. Burris’ notebook looks at Earthwind Moreland. Mannix’s notebook and McNamara’s notebook each have more on Michael Jennings.


Shira Springer says Marcus Banks has no hard feelings towards the Celtics for trading him to the Lakers and then taking him back. Danny Ainge was on with John Dennis and Steve DeOssie on WEEI this morning and one of the things he mentioned was that he tried very hard to keep in touch with Banks throughout the process, but that the second year guard was a very hard person to get a hold of. He said he left numerous messages with him and his agent and tried to keep him informed throughout. He says things are good now between them, a view Banks agrees with in the Springer article. Ainge also said that he thinks Gary Payton will eventually report, he thinks Payton will have a session with the Boston media sometime in the next 10 days or so. He called Delonte West a Mike Bibby/Chris Mullin type player, in that he’s very under control, smart and deliberate, but also very athletic. He had very good reports on Tom Gugliotta, feeling that he is completely over his health issues, and feels he can play 80 games this year. He was also high on Raef LaFrentz, feeling that he is going to be good for 75 games. Ainge said towards the end of the conversation that the only team in the East that he feels that he would concede is better at this point would be the Pistons. He feels the Celtics are right there with everyone else in the East. Michael Muldoon has a look at “Poker Game” between the Celtics and Payton.


Kevin Paul Dupont and Michael O’Connor look at Joe Thornton receiving 6.75 Million in an arbitration decision.


David Scott has a BSMW exclusive look at the departure of Michael Smith from the Globe to ESPN, and suggests a capable replacement on the Patriots beat for Smith. Steve Buckley has a preview of his Old Time Baseball Game, being held tomorrow night.

NESN has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00. ESPN will have Yankees/Twins at 7:00. ESPN2 will have Braves/Padres at 10:00.