The Red Sox got a partial night off with a rainout in Baltimore. So what better activity on a rainy night in the last week of July than some good trade talk? Gordon Edes looks at a few of the rumors including more talks between the Sox and Cubs regarding Nomar. Jonathan Comey says the Red Sox shouldn’t be making a trade just for the sake of doing so. Michael Silverman reports that the rain last night had Tim Wakefield feeling the effects of his being hit in the right shoulder by that line drive on July 17. Sean McAdam looks at the rainout giving the Sox a break. David Heuschkel suggests that the rain gave the overworked Boston bullpen another night of rest and recovery, specifically Alan Embree and Mike Timlin. David Borges notes that rainouts seem to be a common theme this year for the Red Sox and Orioles. Bob Hohler says the rainout was a no-lose situation for the Sox.

Karen Guregian says that Terry Francona and Dave Wallace should’ve gotten Pedro out of the game earlier on Monday night, and by not doing so, took a major risk with their ace. Joe Haggerty looks at some great baseball names over the years. Terry Nau says that the Red Sox should thank ARod for rattling the kennel and has other Red Sox related thoughts. Guregian is also cautiously optimistic regarding what she has seen from Ramiro Mendoza as of late. Borges’ notebook also takes a look at Mendoza. The rest of the notebooks look at Pedro’s hip. Heuschkel’s notebook says Pedro is still a little sore, but he is more concerned about his weight, he doesn’t want to lose anymore during the course of the season. Silverman’s notebook says Pedro is OK. Hohler’s notebook says Pedro plans to make his next start on Sunday. McAdam’s notebook says the hip injury seems minor.

For the Patriots, Tom Curran says the hard work of defending their title begins in earnest tomorrow. Michael Felger takes a look at the special teams of the Pats, including new Punter Josh Miller. He also has a few special teams thumbnails. In his positional review for the day, Michael Parente takes a look at the linebackers. Ian M. Clark looks at positions of strength for the defending Super Bowl Champions. Chris Kennedy says that the Patriots know that they are going to be in for some hard tests during this campaign. Jim Donaldson says there is really no way that the Patriots will not win at least the AFC East. Michael Smith looks at the three rookies who have yet to sign with the team, noting their agents are historically tough negotiators. I think a couple of Smith’s colleagues might suggest that that is in contrast to some of the pushovers that the Patriots normally deal with and take advantage of. Just the way they do things down there, folks. Don’t ya know? Tight End Ben Watson is one of those three rookies who hasn’t signed yet, and Mike Reiss notes that the Patriots have signed two tight ends in the last couple days, perhaps bracing for a potential holdout. Parente also has a piece on Rosevelt Colvin not being ready to go quite yet.

Peter May looks at Allen Iverson and Larry Brown, reunited for the US Olympic basketball team.

Lenny Megliola has a look at ML Carr’s newest venture, reaching out to kids with the website there are stories of growing up from Larry Bird, Pat Riley and others on there.

John Molori looks at Lisa Dergan and Leeann Tweeden, as well as Eddie Andelman’s boxing venture in this week’s edition of Media Blitz.

NESN has Red Sox/Orioles at 7:00. ESPN has Phillies/Marlins at 7:00. ESPN2 has Giants/Padres at 10:00. The Globe SportsPlus on NESN will have Bob Ryan and Nick Cafardo talking about possible Red Sox trades and Patriots training camp at 11:00. FSN will have Bill Burt and Larry Johnson at 6:30 and Bob Rodgers at 10:00.

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