Pedro Martinez pitched well until appearing to tire a bit late in the game, but the Sox supplied him with plenty of offense while cruising to a 12-5 win at Camden Yards. Michael Silverman says perhaps the Yankees were a tune up for a much tougher task for the Sox…playing the Orioles. (And check out the new message board/commenting system at the bottom of the page. Some usual suspects have already made their presence there.) Sean McAdam says last night was a rarity, a series opening win away from home. Bob Hohler says the Sox knew the importance of carrying over momentum into last night’s game. David Heuschkel says the Sox are aiming for their first winning road trip since May. David Borges observes that Pedro and the Red Sox were able to overcome the nuisance for them that is the Baltimore Orioles, at least for last night. Gordon Edes looks at Pedro’s start last night, a little discomfort in his hip, and what the future might hold for the Red Sox ace. Karen Guregian also looks at Pedro’s hip discomfort.

Howard Bryant (subscription only) writes that the recently concluded tough stretch of the schedule exposed many flaws of the Red Sox. He says that they lack “togetherness” and that “Ownership, at this point, again believes Ramirez to be a major problem”. Bryant has plenty of grumbling sources within the Red Sox organization. There is some hope that this past weekend sparked the team, but that feeling was there after a sweep of the A’s at home a few weeks ago. Don Amore has ARod saying he was the victim in the brawl Saturday. Hohler also has a look at what the Sox might be looking to do now with the injury to Trot Nixon. Guregian looks at Gabe Kapler stepping up in Nixon’s absence. Heuschkel’s notebook speculates that Nixon might be done for the season. McAdam’s notebook looks at some possible replacements. Borges’ notebook looks at Kevin Millar being named co-player of the week. Hohler’s notebook looks at Pedro’s hip getting checked out today. Silverman’s notebook looks at Pedro, and another encouraging outing by Ramiro Medonza.

Alan Greenberg has a look at the Patriots as they prepare to go for ring number three. The article has Ron Wolf calling Tom Brady the best quarterback in the NFL. Better than Peyton Manning, better than Brett Favre. Michael Felger looks at the Patriots secondary today. The only issue he feels there is with this group is depth. Michael Parente and Andy Hart also look at the Patriots defensive secondary. Both provide very high marks for the position. The Herald provides thumbnail profiles of the players in the secondary. Tom Curran did a Patriots chat on last night. The transcript is well worth reviewing. Michael Smith seems to think that the Dolphins without Ricky Williams can morph into the 2001 Patriots. He goes through the players that Miami has, but leaves out perhaps the biggest stumbling block to success for the Dolphins. The head coach. Felger’s notebook has the Patriots placing Rosevelt Colvin on the active-PUP list, which is not as ominous as it might sound. It simply means he’s not ready for contact at the start of of camp. As Felger also says: “Once a player is taken off active-PUP and returns to practice, he cannot be placed on reserve-PUP later.” So if you see Colvin activated for practice sometime during camp, you’ll get a good idea that he’s going to be healthy for the season. They can, however move him directly from active-PUP to reserve-PUP. What this does in the short term however, is give the Patriots an extra roster spot for camp. Greenberg also has what you need to know going into training camp, and information for those who want to visit.

Bill Griffith looks at ESPN’s coverage of Red Sox/Yankees Sunday night. Bob Raissman of the NY Daily News gives the NY perspective on the weekend events. High praise for Suzyn Waldman and Tim McCarver, as you might expect.

NESN has Red Sox/Orioles at 7:00. FSN will have John Tomase and Rico Petrocelli at 6:30 and Andy Gresh at 10:00.

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