The Daily News put together a 12-member blue ribbon panel to rank the top ten coaches in the NFL. Gary Myers reports that Bill Belichick was ranked number one. It should come as no surprise that a former Patriots head coach is number two. The vote was not close. The article is an excellent read.

Vito Stellino reports on the emotional separation of the Titans and Eddie George. But he reminds us that the Titans paid him a roster bonus of $1 million this Spring and the Titans believed that was part of his 2004 compensation. When added to their $1.5 million offer, that would be $2.5 million for 2004. George and his people conveniently forgot about that check after they cashed it and wanted out. Jim Wyatt informs us that Chris Brown, Antowain Smith, and Robert Holcumb could be the committee that replaces Eddie George. We all know you can