Not a whole lot out there for afternoon links today. More Sox postmortem, and at the moment, they’re losing again to the Orioles. Mike Fine looks at the mess that is the Boston Red Sox lineup. Alan Greenwood and Ron Chimelis also look back at last night’s fizzle at Fenway. Michael Wilbon of the Washington Post says that both the Red Sox and Cubs are cursed. How original. Ron Borges for MSNBC says that Carlos Delgado should be cheered for his protest of the conflict in Iraq. Wouldn’t you love to see Borges and Gerry Callahan debate this topic? This has to happen somehow. Fine’s notebook looks at the play of Gabe Kapler as of late. Greenwood’s notebook looks at the acquisition of Ricky Gutierrez. Chimelis also has a piece noting that Bronson Arroyo has been a better pitcher than Derek Lowe this season. Chimelis also has a notebook on Gutierrez.

Mark Farinella has a brief look at the Patriots releasing Marquise Walker after a recent arrest. A Des Moines newspaper reports that Patriots third round draft pick Cedric Cobbs recently had some chiropractic work done for some nagging injuries.

and now…the BIG news. BSMW Amazon Store version 3.0 is online now. This thing is pretty amazing. A ton of thanks go to BSMW readers TLL (coding) and Tiki (content) for putting this together. Remember, anything you buy through here benefits BSMW and helps keeping the site solvent. The content in here is going to be updated weekly, and there will always be new and interesting items in here. I really think you’re going to enjoy this new feature of the site.