Word from a very reliable source has told me that Ron Borges has been suspended from the Globe. The terms of the suspension are not exactly clear, but the reason is not for the incident with Michael Katz, but for working for HBO without the permission of the Globe. Efforts to confirm this with Borges or the Globe have not yet been successful.

Update: Borges, via email to BSMW has denied that he has been suspended. He says his Boxing column will run this weekend as usual, and that all his HBO work has received Globe approval.

A quick search of the Globe archives reveals no articles written by Borges since June 15th. Just throwing that out there.

Rob Bradford looks at the Celtics selection of Al Jefferson. Jim Fenton also has a look at the Jefferson Proclamation by the Celtics. Mike Fine has Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers lavishing praise on their draft picks, but wonders if they will even see much action this coming season. Gary Fitz says that the Celtics are pinning their hopes for the future on potential. For a good look at Jefferson, you might be interested in this feature article written about him by Rick Cleveland back in February. Bill Simmons has his annual NBA draft diary.

Alan Greenwood looks at the struggling Sox offense. Bob Stern says the Bill James theories of the Sox came up short against the small ball Twins. Del N. Jones says that Nomar is still limited by his injury. Greenwood’s notebook says there is no rush in getting Pokey Reese back. Jones’ notebook looks at the struggling Kevin Millar.

Mike Freeman of Jacksonville says that Boston certainly is a racist city. He has the examples to prove it….from the 1980’s. The most recent example he has is the Dee Brown incident in 1990.

Mike Loftus says that even without a first round pick, the Bruins are doing their homework for this weekend’s NHL draft.

Bob Gretz of the Kansas City Chiefs website takes an offseason look at the Patriots.

Jim Baker looks at WMUR-TV’s decision to promote Jamie Staton into the sports director role at the station He has quotes from former director Charlie Sherman, who resigned in March, and later tried to get his job back.


Jefferson – Movin’ on up to Boston

The Sox scuffle again at Fenway. Bob Hohler looks at the 4-3 loss to the Twins, noting the need for this team to put all aspects of the game together. Jeff Horrigan says defensive lapses cost the Sox this one. Steven Krasner looks at the Red Sox slide continuing on. David Heuschkel ponders the irony of Jose Offerman executing a sacrifice bunt in the 10th to move the winning run closer to home for the Twins. David Borges looks at the Sox inability to get any sort of hot streak going. Tony Massarotti says the Sox need to snap out of whatever funk they are in and get things going…soon. Kevin Gray says that Nomar is not 100% yet, and says the play in the 10th inning is evidence of that. Rich Thompson has Nomar taking blame for the error, though he feels it should’ve been ruled a hit and an error, not a two-base error. Joe Haggerty looks at the errors just killing the Sox. Steve Britt says maybe Nomar is just trying too hard.

Carlos Beltran was traded to the Astros last night, and Nick Cafardo takes a look at what the Sox might target now that he is off the market. Mike Shalin looks at David Ortiz, who had another big day against his old team yesterday, but couldn’t put the Sox over the top. Michael Vega looks at Tim Wakefield, who was encouraged by his outing yesterday. Shalin also has a look at Wakefield, who decided to stop thinking so much, and just pitch. Joe Sullivan looks at New Hampshire day at Fenway. James Murphy looked at Sox fans at Coors field last week. Hohler’s notebook has Pokey Reese encouraged by how his thumb felt yesterday after a night of rest. Horrigan’s notebook has Pokey hoping to play on Sunday, while Heuschkel’s notebook says Reese is not likely to play this weekend. Krasner’s notebook has still more on Pokey. Borges’ notebook looks at the Twins Joe Mauer.

If Ron Borges was writing about the Celtics draft, he’d be sure to say that that selection of Al Jefferson was a makeup pick and that Kendrick Perkins is a bust. However, Peter May appears to actually like the Celtics selection of high school star Jefferson at pick number 15 overall. He says there’s no reason that Jefferson shouldn’t be able to come in and start right away for the green. That might be pushing things, but the kid seems to have some game. Mark Murphy says the Celtics are happy to get Jefferson, and he fills a need for them. Jeff Goodman in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette (subscription only) has a piece on Jefferson, and even has a couple quotes from the 6-9 forward.

Asked what he knew about the Celtics, Jefferson said:

Draft Day

The Red Sox offense was shut down last night, but worse than that, Pokey Reese could be out for a while with a thumb injury. All in all, a pretty depressing night at Fenway. Gordon Edes’ game story tells us that Doctor Bill Morgan says that in a best case scenario, Pokey could be back by the weekend…paint Edes skeptical on that score. Pokey is also the focus of the game stories by Jeff Horrigan, Steven Krasner and David Borges. Derek Lowe pitched fairly well, and that is the focus of David Heuschkel and Lenny Megliola and their coverage of the game. Marvin Pave and Matt Kalman look at the outing for Lowe, noting that the sinker was effective for the most part last night, producing the usual high number of ground balls. With all the rumors swirling around involving Carlos Beltran, Sean McAdam says the Royals centerfielder would be the best addition the Red Sox could make midseason.

Michael Silverman and Mike Shalin both have more on the injury to Pokey and what it could mean for him and team. Shalize Manza Young has a look at David Ortiz enjoying a visit with his ex-teammates. Pave takes a look at the red hot Johnny Damon, who is unfazed by any rumors of Beltran. Shalin also has a piece on Ellis Burks, who hopes to return from his injury very soon. Kalman takes a look a former Sox farmhand Lew Ford, who has become a starter for the Twins. Borges’ notebook gives us an update on Bill Mueller. Horrigan’s notebook has Scott Williamson dealing with trade rumors, again. Edes’ notebook explore what the Sox will do if Pokey is out for any length of time. The Projo notebook looks at the outing by Lowe, and Heuschkel’s notebook takes a further look at Pokey’s injury.

Shira Springer looks at the options available to the Celtics in tonight’s NBA draft. Steve Bulpett looks at Danny Ainge’s plans for tonight and they don’t include trading Paul Pierce. Dan Shaughnessy pokes fun at the NBA draft, but also reports on some tension in the Celtics front office as he says some feel ownership and new hires are creating “interference” with the draft plans. On FSN last night, Greg Dickerson and Gary Tanguay said it was their belief that the Celtics would make a deal to move up and be in position to select 6-7 High School point guard Shaun Livingston. Tim Weisberg says fans shouldn’t hope for any miracles for the Celtics from this draft. (By the way, Congratulations to Tim, whose wife gave birth to a baby boy on Monday morning.) Kevin McNamara says that the Celtics will definitely be younger after the draft, but wonders if they’ll be any better. Christopher Price also has a look at what the Celtics might do tonight. Jon Japha reminds us that the Celtics have not drafted well for the last 10 years. Peter May trots out his top five prospects at each position. Bill Reynolds says the draft isn’t fun anymore. Michael Muldoon looks at all the foreign players that make the draft so hard to predict. Naomi Aoki looks at the business side of the Celtics, who insist that their focus is on winning, not making money.

Time for the Mock Drafts. Peter May has the Celtics taking Robert Swift, Andre Emmett and Donta Smith. Mark Murphy has them taking Sergey Monya, David Harrison and Emmett. Kevin McNamara has the Celtics selecting Swift, Dorell Wright and Harrison. Gabe Kahn says Swift, Wright and Al Jefferson.

Michael Smith and Tom Curran have brief bits about the Patriots coming to terms with second round pick Marquise Hill.

Steve Conroy looks at Ray Bourque’s son, Chris, who should be selected sometime in this weekend’s NHL draft.

Jeff Jacobs says that Jim Brown is a “goal” model for all to follow. Wacky Buddy Thomas recounts his adventures wearing an Indianapolis Colts cap in Baltimore.

NESN has Red Sox/Twins at 1:00. ESPN has the NBA Draft starting at 7:00. ESPN2 has A’s/Angels at 4:00. FSN will be focusing on the Celtics draft on their 6:30 and 10:00 shows, and CN8’s SportsPulse will have’s Mike Petraglia at 10:00.

Sox stories from the afternoon papers. Mike Fine looks at the Sox finally getting all stars on the field for the first time at Fenway this year. Ken Lechtanski looks at a “grand” party for the local nine. Alan Greenwood and Chaz Scoggins look at the effort turned in by Curt Schilling last night. Gordon Wittenmyer of the St Paul Pioneer Press looks at how happy David Ortiz is to be in Boston, and how much the Twins miss him. He also looks at former Sox farmhand Lew Ford finally making Fenway Park debut…with the Twins. Fine’s notebook looks at Curtis Leskanic…thrilled to be with the Red Sox. Greenwood’s notebook also has a look at the newest Red Sox reliever.

Jon Heyman of Newsday says that Barry Bond’s comments about Boston last week were not out of line. Eric Wilbur addresses this topic in his blog today. Loran Smith looks at Fenway as a baseball monument. The Betting Fool, Steve Tandy, enjoyed the visit of Red Sox fans to San Francisco last weekend. Tom Caron has his Red Sox mailbag for the week.

Rob Bradford thinks at that the Celtics might be targeting high school center Robert Swift. Mike McGraw speculates on a possible big trade between the Bulls and Celtics involving Paul Pierce.

Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository has a nice profile on the Patriots’ Mike Vrabel. Glen Farley reports on Tully Banta-Cain getting his Super Bowl ring back. has launched the new webpage for Bill Simmons material: Sports Guy’s World.

Grand Style

The Red Sox returned to the win column in grand style last night with a 9-2 win over the Twins at Fenway. Nick Cafardo has the game story for the Globe. Tony Massarotti’s obsession is clear as he cannot even get through the first sentence of his game story without the words “Curt Schilling” and “Internet”. Steven Krasner looks at the Red Sox finally getting their complete lineup together at Fenway. (You may have to create a new registration for the ProJo site. Even my favorite standby site for such things doesn’t have a login for them yet.) Jeff Goldberg also looks at the effect of a complete lineup. David Borges says last night was a grand night for Nomar and the Sox. Alex Speier says that now with the roster getting healthy, the revolving door to Pawtucket should slow down. Dan Shaughnessy plays it straight today, producing an enjoyable article about Nomar’s night, even adding a story about Nomar donating a TV to the Pine Street Inn. Karen Guregian and Joe Haggerty also take a look at the night for Nomar.

Marvin Pave and Mike Shalin look at a monster night for David Ortiz against his former team. Tom Curran and Goldberg have a look at Curtis Leskanic, the newest addition to the Red Sox bullpen. Shaughnessy also has a second article, not as good as the first, this time about Curt Schilling, calling him “Mr. Late-Night Web-Man“. Guregian has a second article in which she advocates the signing of Pokey Reese to a longer deal. Shalin’s second article looks at the night for Johnny Damon. Cafardo’s notebook has Damon saying he wouldn’t mind moving to a corner outfield position should the Sox acquire Carlos Beltran. Massarotti’s notebook looks at Leskanic joining the Sox ‘pen. Krasner’s notebook looks at the performance of Schilling. Borges’ notebook also looks at Leskanic.

Howard Bryant (subscription only) addresses the issues of race brought up by Barry Bonds last week. Bryant says the villain in this situation is not Bonds, but rather all the bigots in Boston’s past (not present) that have left the racist stigma upon the city which lingers to this day. The people of Boston don’t have control over how long outsiders hold onto this view of the city. Bonds likely got some of his view of the city from the experience of his Godfather, Willie Mays, who should’ve been a Red Sox, playing alongside Ted Williams had race not been a factor in the decisions of Red Sox management and ownership.

Speaking of Bryant, the rumor mill is in full churn that a move to the Globe is no longer out of the realm of possibility. It may not be as a direct replacement for Michael Holley, but there have been conversations about Bryant making the move to the broadsheet.

Peter May looks at the difficulties of trying to figure out the NBA draft. Let’s hope he remembers this three years down the line when he’s blasting the Celtics for bypassing someone. Mark Murphy looks at the Celtics losing Brandon Hunter in the expansion draft last night. It sure seems like Ainge and the Celtics never really wanted him…there was talk he wouldn’t even be offered a contract before last season, but after a strong summer league, he almost forced them into it. Then he sat. He played some impressive games as a starter in the latter part of the season, and then sat again. Now he’s gone…for nothing. Sure seems like a wasted draft pick by the club. Shira Springer and Kevin McNamara also have a look at Hunter. Murphy takes a look at the point guards in the draft, tries to figure out what Ainge will do, and also profiles the power forwards available in the draft. Michael Muldoon says the Celtics plan to rebuild with high school players.

Tom Curran looks at the situation the Patriots face with Matt Light heading into the final year of his contract. Mike Reiss and Amanda Milkovits look at Tully Banta-Cain getting his Super Bowl ring returned to him. Lenny Megliola looks at Green Bay Packers coach Mike Sherman making a gift to a pair of local retiring athletic directors. Bill Burt has a look at Teddy Bruschi’s appearance at Boston Symphony Hall. Reiss also reports on the Patriots striking deals with a pair of rookies.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says the Bruins just hope to get lucky in the NHL draft this weekend, as their first pick isn’t until number 64.

NESN has Red Sox/Twins at 7:00. ESPN has Cubs/Cardinals at 7:00. ESPN2 has A’s/Angels at 10:00. Around 11:00, The Globe SportsPlus will have Peter May and Michael Smith as guests to talk about the NBA draft, Gordon Edes has a 1on1 with Trot Nixon. FSN will have Steve Buckley and John Tomase on the 6:30 show and Pete Sheppard at 10:00. CN8’s SportsPulse at 10:00 will have John Molori to talk about:

How dangerous is it when the Patriots try to control what the media writes and reports from training camp? Is there a double standard for members of the media who belong to certain web sites and refuse to report on what Curt Schilling says in a public forum? With the dismissal of Marv Albert, should we expect all team broadcasters to soon be nothing more than cheerleaders for their teams, and how might the fans react?

That’s the promo for the show. In my opinion, most broadcasters are hired by the team, they deliver the action of the game to the fans of the team, who want to hear good things about their squad. Cheerleaders is a bit of a stretch, but guys like Joe Castiglione are clearly “for” the Red Sox, and I don’t have a single bit of issue with that.

And how about that “dangerous” remark regarding the Patriots? “Dangerous”? In what possible way? This ain’t national security, boys. If someone thinks the Patriots actions are “dangerous”, they’re taking themselves a little bit too seriously. This is sports. We’ll see how Ed Berliner and Molori address these topics.

Mike Fine looks at the criticism of Terry Francona, runs through a number of his decisions during the course of the season thus far and concludes that onces Francona has a chance to get used to his full, healthy roster, things will improve. Dennis Whitton of the Lowell Sun says that Francona should be fired, now. Larry Millson of the Toronto Globe and Mail looks at former Red Sox owner Joseph J. Lannon, who owned the team between 1914 and 1916, being inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. Ryan Pyette of the London Free Press also has a look at Lannon. Mark Kram of the Philadelphia Daily News has a look at the search for Babe Ruth’s piano. Tom Werner has his NESN mailbag, and Eric Wilbur looks at the trade rumors involving the Sox and Carlos Beltran. He also has a little dig at FOX25.

Bravo, FOX25 for that hard-hitting expose the other night that foul balls hit into the stands can indeed be dangerous. Butch Stearns has to be at the end of his rope by now.

Jim Fenton looks at the youth movement Danny Ainge and the Celtics are undertaking. Bill Simmons has part one of his annual NBA ratings. Fenton also has a look at tonight’s expansion draft.