Mike Fine looks at the criticism of Terry Francona, runs through a number of his decisions during the course of the season thus far and concludes that onces Francona has a chance to get used to his full, healthy roster, things will improve. Dennis Whitton of the Lowell Sun says that Francona should be fired, now. Larry Millson of the Toronto Globe and Mail looks at former Red Sox owner Joseph J. Lannon, who owned the team between 1914 and 1916, being inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. Ryan Pyette of the London Free Press also has a look at Lannon. Mark Kram of the Philadelphia Daily News has a look at the search for Babe Ruth’s piano. Tom Werner has his NESN mailbag, and Eric Wilbur looks at the trade rumors involving the Sox and Carlos Beltran. He also has a little dig at FOX25.

Bravo, FOX25 for that hard-hitting expose the other night that foul balls hit into the stands can indeed be dangerous. Butch Stearns has to be at the end of his rope by now.

Jim Fenton looks at the youth movement Danny Ainge and the Celtics are undertaking. Bill Simmons has part one of his annual NBA ratings. Fenton also has a look at tonight’s expansion draft.