Pedro was on his vintage game last night, outdueling David Wells and blanking the Padres over eight innings. Jeff Horrigan notes that Pedro was able to find a flaw in his delivery that he corrected and you saw the results. Steven Krasner looks at Pedro returning to Ace form. David Heuschkel has Pedro giving credit to his defense. Some great defensive plays turned in by Johnny Damon, Manny and Pokey Reese. Bob Lobel last night on his sportscast asked how in the world you can justify taking Reese off of shortstop when Nomar returns. Bob Hohler is into hair. Lenny Megliola says Pedro finally performed up to his salary. David Borges says with the Pedro/Wells matchup, it was 1998 all over again. Dan Shaughnessy feels all warm and fuzzy after the performance of Pedro last night. Howard Bryant (subscription only) says that a lot of things looked familiar last night, but the biggest thing was the dominance of Pedro. A no-name ProJo article says that Pedro’s performance last night was the result of a lot of hard work.

Tony Massarotti says that Nomar is sticking it to the Red Sox, and he doesn’t blame him one bit for doing so. Alex Speier looks at what the deal it with Nomar, asking could, should and would Nomar return. Jeff Jacobs says that Nomar’s delayed returned is just part of his obsessive compulsive disorder and that he is just trying to plan for the perfect time to come back. John Tomase says that times have certainly changed for Nomar here in Boston. Michael Silverman says that the Sox and Nomar will get together today to decide if he’s ready to play on the big club tonight. Adam Kilgore looks at Nomar’s night in Pawtucket. Jeff Sullivan also looks at Nomar’s decision to stay in Pawtucket another night.

Mike Shalin has a look at Rod Beck, happy to be in baseball and with the Padres. Michael Gee (subscription only) says that students of pitching would be better off watching David Wells instead of Pedro, because Wells has learned and perfected the craft of pitching, while Pedro relies more on natural ability. Marc Craig looks at some of the Padres getting to check out Fenway for the first time. Shalin also has a look at Johnny Damon driving in the winning run last night. Hohler’s extensive notebook says that Scott Williamson will soon return to the Red Sox. Horrigan’s notebook leads with Theo drafting some sons of Red Sox employees, including the son of Terry Francona. Steve Krasner looks at Lynn Jones making an appearance in uniform at Fenway. Heuschkel’s notebook looks at Nomar in Pawtucket last night. Borges’ notebook also looks at the Nomar watch.

The Patriots have their mini-camp this week, and Charlie Weis wanted to clear the air before it got started and not be a distraction. Michael Felger looks at Weis distancing himself from the comments of his agent. Tom Curran wonders is Weis made the clarification at the request of the Patriots. Michael Smith also has a piece on Weis, saying that the coach is happy with his contract and status with the Patriots. Eric McHugh looks at Rosevelt Colvin, who is cautiously looking forward to training camp. Felger also has a look at Richard Seymour as he copes with the offseason tragedy involving his father.

Kevin Paul Dupont ponders the future of the NHL, and lists out some things for hockey fans to look forward to this summer. Stephen Harris looks back at the Stanley Cup Finals series which could’ve boosted the sport.

Steve Bulpett and Peter May look at the Lakers tying up the NBA finals after being rescued by Kobe. Bulpett’s notebook has a look at Doc Rivers and how he is balancing his ABC broadcasting duties with his new job as coach of the Celtics. May’s notebook looks at Mark Blount opting for free agency, and also the Celtics bringing in Nate Walton, son of Bill as an intern.

Bob Halloran looks at some athletes who have made deals with the devil in the past.

NESN has Red Sox/Padres at 7:00. (ESPN Nationally – Alternate game is Cubs/Cardinals) ESPN2 has Reds/A’s at 10:00.