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Derek Lowe continued his quest to get a lousy free agent contract last night, getting shelled by the lowly Devil Rays. Bob Hohler says last night’s game was something out of a Stephen King novel. Jeff Horrigan looks at a disappointed end to the road trip. Sean McAdam and David Heuschkel say that Lowe’s problem last night was throwing too many strikes. Strikes that were then turned into hits. David Borges dubs last night’s affair the “Travesty at the Trop”. Gordon Edes and Tony Massarotti look at the continued struggles of Lowe, who had vowed not to let his contract situation faze him, yet it appears that that is exactly what is happening. Terry Nau has a look first at a Pawtucket high school star, but then goes into Nomar, and how his loyalties have changed in the past year. In the past he would do whatever it took for the Red Sox, but with the events of last winter, and now having a wife, his focus and loyalty has changed, according to Nau.

So is today’s column by Dan Shaughnessy the next chapter in his book? He looks at the Boone family, and particularly the grandfather of Aaron Boone, Ray, who was a scout for 43 years for the Red Sox, but who didn’t feel guilty at all for enjoying his grandson’s homerun last October. Art Martone has a review of the “Still we believe” movie. I still have zero interest in seeing it. Massarotti says the Sox are looking forward to getting home, where they’ve been much more successful. Gerry Callahan (subscription only) has a column today where he says among other things that we are just biding time until October. The regular season is meaningless until then, for all involved, fans, free agents to be, etc. He also has a number of thoughts…sports, politics and entertainment. The Dirt Dogs website reports that the Sox will retire Tony C’s number 25 next year after Ellis Burks, who is currently wearing the number, retires. Steve Buckley is in heaven. Hohler’s notebook says that the Sox might be close to a deal with David Ortiz. Horrigan’s notebook has Bill Mueller leaving to club to get tests done on his knee. McAdam’s notebook and Heuschkel’s notebook also look at the Sox injuries, as does the notebook from Borges.

Mike Reiss looks at new Patriot Bob Hallen, who has no intention of becoming the annual Patriot free agent lineman to retire during training camp. Tom Curran looks at the Patriots other NFL Europe success, wide receiver Chas Gessner.

David Scott has Hockey fever, and his usual brand of ramblings and assorted thoughts from the world of sports and media. Bill Griffith looks at the charitable endeavors of various media personalities. Yesterday on Dennis & Callahan, Bill Simmons was a guest and noted that as part of his new deal with he will have his own webpage there and do columns 2-3 times a week. This was not really followed up on by D&C

UPN38 has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00. TNT has Lakers/T-Wolves at 9:00.