Ty, Ty, Ty. Didn’t do yourself any favors this weekend. While his comments to the Globe this weekend will likely remain a hot topic for some time to come, I find it interesting to look at the location of the comments. Some might say the Herald and others got scooped on this one, that they were asleep at the switch while Ty went off. While that may be the case, I don’t entirely agree. Is it a coincidence that Law’s comments found their original home in the newspaper that has writers that regularly rip the Patriots and how they do business? I think not. I think the player was smart enough to know that his comments would receive a much better reception by the gang on Morrissey Blvd, and thus sought them out. Michael Smith is a more than capable reporter, but he’s also shown himself to be a big supporter of Ty Law, and he’s also been hanging around in the same office with the dynamic duo of Borges and Cafardo.

Michael Holley delivered a more balanced take on the situation Saturday, and you might expect that as he has an established relationship inside the Patriots organization. His book, by the way, for those who have asked, is tentatively scheduled to come out in September. The original premise was a full access behind the scenes look at the 2002 Patriots. The team went 9-7 and missed the playoffs, and then this season won another Super Bowl while only losing twice the entire year. The focus of the book thus changed to a look at the three year, two title run, with still plenty of behind the scenes action…

Another item people have asked about…March Madness…will there be a media edition this year. No. Sorry. Too much other stuff going on with the site right now to be able to devote time to that. You will see some of the fruitage of that work at some point in the coming weeks.

Pedro Martinez appeared to be laboring on the mound yesterday, throwing 54 pitches in only two innings. Jeff Horrigan reports on the outing. Sean McAdam and Howard Bryant say that, despite the high pitch count, Pedro was very pleased with how he feels this spring and is looking forward to a monster season. David Heuschkel looks at Mo Vaughn fan and look-alike David Ortiz. Bob Hohler has a nice look at Adam Hyzdu, making a push to make the team and live in the city of his favorite movie. Bryant also has a look at Gabe Kapler. Horrigan’s notebook says that Nomar and Trot are close to returning to action. McAdam’s notebook looks at the Sox returning to the long ball. Chicks dig the long ball. Hohler’s notebook has more on Pedro feeling great.

Stephen Harris says the Bruins will likely break the record for most overtime games in a season. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says that Marty LaPointe has taken on a mentoring and leadership role on the Bruins.

Celtics links and some love for Ricky Davis are found at Fox Sports Net.

Ron Borges looks at the aftermatch of the Winky Wright/Sugar Shane Mosley fight, easily won by Wright, sparking ugly rumors about steroids and the BALCO investigation and Mosley’s name having been brought up in that mess.

Dave Scott weighs in with a Monday edition of Scott’s Shots.

TNT has Suns/Rockets at 7:30 and Spurs/Warriors at 10:00. ESPN2 has Devils/Rangers at 7:00. ESPN has NIT first round action at 8:00.