It’s the Friday before the Super Bowl. Are you ready for some football? Lenny Megliola is. The hype surrounding the SuperBowl has gone on for almost two weeks now, and while the fans are enjoying it all, the writers have for the most part run out of storylines. Mostly what you’re going to read today is more short character profiles and some staff picks. Once again, time limitations are going to prevent me from linking to everything, but I’ll do what I can to point out the best (and worst). Tom Curran gives us a 2003 Year in Review for the Patriots as they have fulfilled their early promise. Michael Felger looks at the Patriots research director, Ernie Adams. Alan Greenberg has a really good piece on Richard Seymour as the Patriots young defensive star prepares for his second Super Bowl and second Pro Bowl. Michael Holley writes about Ty Law, born to be a football player. Dan Shaughnessy says that Bruschi is the Patriots Tedy Ballgame. Dan Pires looks at how the opportunities continue to elude the Patriots’ top assistants. Rich Thompson says Tedy Bruschi is ready to play. Michael Smith looks at the Patriots versatility as one of their biggest strengths, a view held by opponents as well who have to respect the various looks at they’re going to get. Jim Donaldson says if the Pats lose, blame Troy Brown, he lost the video game matchup yesterday. Bill Burt speaks with writer Terry Bannon, who as a 23-year-old got to spend a day with the 24-year-old Belichick watching a game while Belichick scouted it for the Lions in 1976. Tom Curran says that the Patriots receivers are ready for a physical battle of their own. Karen Guregian says that Rod Smart would never be on a Bill Belichick team. Nick Cafardo looks at Tom Brady and Antowain Smith, rarin to go on Sunday. Mike Reiss goes through a day with Jarvis Green. (The headline writer messed up that one, Green isn’t a rookie.) Jon Goode catches up with Mosi Tatupu

Felger’s notebook looks at some mild trash talk between the clubs, and reveals that the Patriots have already decided to bring Ty Law back for next season. Curran’s notebook has Willie McGinest speaking out on the Patriots perceived lack of stars. Bill Griffith says that CBS will be all over the Patriots.

Talk of Jim O’Brien’s resignation from the Celtics continues to dominate the basketball news. Fox Sports Net New England has the links, including one to a story that theorizes that O’Brien resigned because Danny Ainge decided to fire Dick Harter.