Here are some “Guest links” mostly courtesy of reader Len. (I’ve added a few of my own.)

Rich Thompson interviewed Joe Namath BEFORE the bottle of Jack Daniels last night. In addition to liking Vodka and Suzy Kolber, #12 likes another #12, Tom Brady. Michael Felger has the game story and the Pats looking for redemption next Saturday. Kevin Mannix has the story of the start by David Givens over Troy Brown and the emergence of Givens. Felger’s NFL Notebook is interesting. He has a breakdown of home games next year including Bengals, Ravens, 49ers, Seahawks, and Indy. Mark Cannizzaro blames Chad Pennington’s stinkbomb for the Jets loss.

Pick 5
The “Magnificent” Chad Pennington.

Cannizzaro picked the J-E-T-S on WEEI earlier in the week. Steve Serby (another NY Post writer) says RAC scored huge points with the Giants Ernie Acorsi last night. Charlie Weis did not. You’ve got to love the back page of the NY Daily News. Rich Cimini calls it Chad’s first slump and has a story on how bad his teammates feel for him.

Nick Cafardo has a good Pats Notebook and explains how Law has earned his salary but Woody could be tagged and dealt. Bob Ryan says the Pats always find a way to win. Frank Dell’Apa has something on the forgotten man, Antowain Smith. Smith was huge last night and he’s looking forward to more against his old team next Saturday. Rick Gosselin looks back at the 1994 Browns, which he notes boasted some of the brightest football minds ever collected together. Ron Borges lauds the Patriots defense, but he also claims that they clinched a first round bye with the victory last night…something any educated fan knows is not the case. Clark Booth says Keith Foulke will be a dud, Terry Francona a lousy manager, that the Patriots are too cocky, and laments the loss of Curtis Martin.

A-Rod, A-Rod, and more $-Rod. We’re all sick of it. Gordon Edes is not optimistic. Jeff Horrigan tells us that $-Rod is incensed. Do yourself a favor and read Mike Lupica today. Lupica may have a huge ego, but he nails this thing and Boras and the PA for what they are. John Harper of the NY Daily News says A-Rod still really wants this deal to happen and compromises are being made to get it done. Funny how the internet and NY papers are covering this better than the Boston media including whiners like Tony Mazz and the Globe contingent. Doug Mirabelli is staying. Bob Hohler has the story.

Bill Griffith has a look at how athletes and team management chatting with fans on websites is sending a message to the mainstream media. WBZ’s “Sports Final” will continue this theme by having Steve Silva of and Eric Christensen of the Sons of Sam Horn website on the program.

BC could be the worst 8-1 team in the country. Michael Vega has the story on a home overtime win over Kent State before 4,272 fans. PC is off to a 4-1 start with quality wins over Alabama and Illinois. PC’s Rob Sanders has also helped Vin Baker fight off his demons. Kevin McNamara has the story. PC takes a holiday breather with a home game against Central Connecticut (did they beat UMass earlier in the month?).

Sports on TV today. Phantom Gourmet gives it a metza metza. 1:00 pm football on WBZ-4 has Miami-Buffalo while Fox-25 gives us Cowboys-Giants. 4:00 pm is bad with Eagles and 49ers. Best football is ESPN game tonight with Denver at Indy. A Denver win get the Pats a bye. Celtics are on FSNNE at 6 pm. College Basketball has St Johns vs GA Tech on NESN. GA Tech has not won a game by less than 25 points and St Johns just fired Jarvis. I smell a blowout.