So does this ARod to the Red Sox hype have any legs to it? Some people feel that it does. Peter Gammons was speaking at Harvard Law School last night and it was one of the topics he addressed. He feels that ARod wants to come here, and that Manny’s agent is pushing the Rangers to make the deal. He also feels he can be the “out front” type of star that the Sox don’t currently have. This morning, Steve Buckley also tackles the topic, noting that this Red Sox ownership group is obsessed with winning, and adding:

And, again, Alex Rodriguez wants to be here. That's key. Fact: Cooperative players help teams make money off the field. And Manny Ramirez does not want to be here. That, too, is key. If you accept the premise that being ``comfortable'' is more important to Ramirez than being ``competitive,'' and if you believe just the opposite is now true with Rodriguez, it's easy to understand why the Red Sox would be eager for some kind of arrangement that would land A-Rod in Boston and Manny . . . anywhere else.

Buckley advises us to stay tuned, as something very interesting could be happening this offseason around here. Bob Hohler reports in the Globe today that Terry Francona appears to the be clear favorite in the managerial race, as he met privately with principal owner John W. Henry in Florida yesterday. Bob Ryan weighs in on the steroid issue in baseball. Howard Bryant’s Boston Uncommon article today is also on the subject of steroid use in baseball and he calls for Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa to address the issue.

Michael Felger, in his Patriots Insider looks at the post-playing career plans of Rodney Harrison and Fred McCrary, both of whom plan to don stripes. He also looks ahead to the Texans. Jim Donaldson declares this a trap game.

Still, I am worried about the Texans. I am worried that the Patriots are due to slip up, that they're due to stumble, that they're due to lose concentration, that they're due to lose a game.

Michael Holley says we should all know better than to predict anything in this league. Jonathan Comey has his Wednesday morning QB article, and he discusses the possibility of Keyshawn playing for the Patriots. He also puts the Pats at # 2 in his power rankings. Alan Greenberg and Michael Parente look at the signing of J.J. Stokes. Nick Cafardo looks at Troy Brown, and what he still has to offer the Patriots. Cafardo fears that Brown will soon be out the door courtesy of that heartless brute, Bill Belichick.

Maybe sometime down the road, Brown will go the way of other Patriot veterans who wanted to spend their entire career here only to be cut as part of the more businesslike approach the Patriots have taken in recent years.

God forbid the Patriots handle their business with a businesslike approach. That would just be wrong. That’s so unlike Ralph Wilson and the Bills, who have allowed franchise players like Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, etc to end their careers playing for the same team, right? Karen Guregian says that the Patriots as a team have a closer mentality. Christopher Young says that it is time to take this Patriots team seriously. Hector Longo says it isn’t time to be making SuperBowl plans just yet. Glen Farley looks at the weakness in the punting game. Eric McHugh looks at the receiving depth. (Before signing Stokes) Felger’s notebook looks at the signing of Stokes. Cafardo’s notebook does likewise. McHugh’s notebook looks at the call on Eugene Wilson at the end of the game Sunday.

Gregg Easterbrook’s Tuesday Morning QB is available at Football Outsiders. Oh yeah, Thoughts by Kent Thaler is available too.

Stephen Harris looks at the Bruins getting ready to face a team that has given them all sorts of trouble, the Atlanta Thrashers. Win Bates looks at a new book by Phil Esposito. Ron Indrisano looks at the difference in the Bruins when Sergei Samsonov is in the lineup. Harris’ notebook looks at how the Thrashers are coping with tragedy.

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Barry Scanlon looks at the role of hype in American sports.

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