The winning names have been drawn. Emails dispatched to the winners. When I hear from them all, their names will be posted here.

Get your Celtics links from a disappointing 89-86 loss to the Knicks, as well as an article from Bob Ryan that will put your day on even more of a downer over at Fox Sports Net New England.

Kevin Mannix hands out report cards after the win over Dallas. The offensive line, which protected Tom Brady from the pass rush that had engulfed Drew Bledsoe and Patrick Ramsey the last two weeks, got a C – The coaching gets an A, but Mannix is also quick to note that now Parcells will be out to settle the score after losing to Belichick by such a wide margin. Whatever, Kevin. I’m told that the exchanges between Mannix and Belichick when Kevin asks a question are priceless. Belichick has no use for Mannix, and why should he? The man has made some of the most egregious personal attacks to appear in a paper this side of Morrissey Blvd. Alan Greenberg looks at the Patriots staying humble despite their success, and focusing on the Texans this weekend. Tom Curran reports on the wide receiver position for the Patriots, having success in the passing game despite injuries. Ron Borges surveys the AFC field, notes that the Patriots really don’t have anything to worry about in their division, but does throw up a few warning flags. He isn’t all doom and gloom however, as he notes:

At this juncture, what you need most is a team getting healthier, not sicker, and one that doesn't contribute to its own demise very often. Bill Belichick has such a team. How far he goes with it no one honestly can say, because while the Patriots are playing as well as anyone in the AFC, they are -- like their competitors in Kansas City, Indianapolis, Nashville, Denver, and Miami -- flawed.

Mike Reiss looks at the innovation of the Interchangeble Defense designed by Romeo Crennel and Bill Belichick. Ian M. Clark notes that plenty of hands pitched in on Sunday night. Michael Smith also looks at the Patriots D. Michael Parente looks at the play on defense as compared to last year. Dan Pires caught up with Terry Glenn after the game Sunday night. Reiss pumps up Crennel’s name as a successor to Gregg Williams in Buffalo. Bill Reynolds says Belichick doesn’t fit what “our” image is of a great coach, but that he is indeed one. Just what is “our” image and who is the “us” that created it? Gerry Callahan also writes about the image of Belichick in his pay column. Rich Thompson looks at the Patriots preparing for Houston next. Steve Buckley writes about the Patriot mistakes and that Houston is a trap game.

Looking back at Sunday night. Ken Lechtanski says Belichick and Parcells turned out to be friendly foes. Glenn Farley has Romeo Crennel admitting that this one meant a little more. Eric McHugh looks at the Patriots plan working to perfection. Bill Burt says that the Bills saved football in New England. Hector Longo looks at a perfect game pitched by the Pats defense. David Pevear looks at the Patriots owning the Big D. Pevear also writes about Parcells, but notes

Sports fans from this area are uniquely obsessed with athletes and coaches who used to work here and also those who might be coming here next. Only with Bill Belichick do they seem totally satisfied with what they have. The better Bill, they believe.

A SuperBowl championship buys a lot of goodwill.

Reiss’ notebook reports that the Patriots have interest in J.J. Stokes. Thompson’s notebook looks at the Receiver’s role in beating the Dallas blitz. Curran’s notebook looks at another thunderous late game hit from Eugene Wilson. Smith’s notebook has an injury update.

Bill Griffith looks at the numbers, sights and sounds from Sunday night.

Ron Indrisano has a piece on the Bruins’ Ian Moran. Steve Conroy looks at the leadership of Martin Lapointe. Conroy’s notebook looks at some off-ice activities for Rolston and Boynton.

Tony Massarotti looks at ARod on the trading block. Joe McDonald and David Heuschkel get the thoughts of Mike Timlin on Grady Little.

Jon Couture says that if fans care about steroid use in baseball, they do have the power to make a change. Joe Sullivan tells us all the things he despises about sports. Then why have you spent your life writing about them?