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Get your Celtics links from last night’s game at Fox Sports Net New England.

Bob Ryan looks at this remarkable Patriots team. An excellent piece. Critics of this site often make the accusation that all I and others want from the media is cheerleaders. That’s not the case. The Ryan article is a perfect example of what I want to read in the papers. He’s positive, yes, but he isn’t a blind cheerleader either, after looking at the incredible run of this team, and the outstanding personnel decisions made by the team, both in the draft and free agency, he notes:

I'm not calling Super Bowl or even AFC title game. I'm still wary, because I know there are more talented teams out there, and none of them are coached by dummies. I don't believe in microanalyzing the schedule for the probable Ws and Ls, because it just doesn't work out that way, as we all know. There are dangerous "Ats" and treacherous "Heres." I'll happily settle for watching it all unfold.

He’s being realistic. Balanced. Read and learn. Lenny Megliola starts stoking the fires for Parcells/Belichick, a week from Sunday. Michael Felger says don’t expect the Patriots to return to work as fat cats next week, whenever they need humbling, the opener at Buffalo is a stark reminder. Eric McHugh notes that while the defense seems to get the headlines, offense is still a point of focus for the team. Alan Greenberg looks at the bye week activities and the work that is still to be done. Michael Smith says there is plenty of work to be done, and looks ahead to the second half schedule. Carolyn Thornton looks at the schedules of some of the Patriots during the four days off they now have scheduled. Mike Reiss asks a number of Patriots players about the reasons for the success of the team. Michael Parente notes that while the players might have a few days off, there is no real rest for the weary. Smith has excerpts from a one-on-one interview with Rodney Harrison. Christopher Price provides an update on Richard Seymour’s injury status. Glen Farley looks at the Patriots positioning after the win Monday night. Buddy Thomas takes the Glenn Ordway route and wants to make sure everyone knows that Belichick calling for the safety was not a great call, it was just happened to be the correct one. Michael Gee’s pay column has him worried that the Patriots will start listening to the fans telling them how great they are during the bye week.

Reiss’ notebook has the agent for Ted Washington making the accusation that his client’s injury was the result of dirty play by the Jet’s Kevin Mawae. There is a history of bad blood between the two players. Parente’s notebook also gives an update on Seymour. Thornton’s notebook has Belichick downplaying his matchup with Parcells. Felger’s notebook has a words of respect for Parcells from Belichick.

Terry Francona yesterday became the second candidate to be interviewed by the Sox in their search for a manager. Bob Hohler and Michael Silverman report on the day in the hub by the former Phillies manager. David Heuschkel looks at some of the challenges Francona has faced in his post playing career and climb through the coaching and managing ranks. Joe McDonald says that Francona learned from his stint as manager of the Phillies. Jack O’Connell looks at the crop of managerial candidates out there, not just for the Red Sox opening but for all the openings in MLB. I’m not sure exactly what the point of Bill Reynolds column is this morning. Do Boston fans regret rooting for the Marlins? He tells us it’s time to just move on? Where is this coming from? John Tomase tells us that history will not be kind to the 2003 Red Sox. Silverman also writes that the search for a new manager will not be rushed.

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