Yup, I screwed it up this morning, it was a loss by the Mariners last night that increased the Sox wild card lead to 1.5 games, not the Angels. My bad.

Don Aucoin had an article in the Living/Arts section of the Globe that I missed this morning. He looks at young fans who don’t have a negative, fatalistic view of the Red Sox and their chances to win the World Series. On his WBZ 1030 “Keller at large” radio segment this morning, John Keller chose this topic as his subject. He essentially dismissed these young “whippersnappers” for not being wise to the ways of the world, and while not fully believing in the “Curse” himself, Keller said the Red Sox just aren’t meant to win it all.

Apparently I missed the latest addition to the “Whiner Line” – “the voice of Peter King”. I wish I heard it, but I must have just missed out on it, as I heard the last 30 seconds of that segment with the “voice of Bob Neumeier”, who is my current favorite.