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Keeping with my resolution yesterday that the Patriots are now number one, here goes. Ted has hit town. Alan Greenberg says nose tackle-by-committee wasn’t working for the Pats, so they brought in a stopper. Michael Felger has a look at the newest big man on campus, who declined to give his actual current weight. He gets a quote from Jets center Kevin Mawae, who clearly isn’t afraid nor impressed with Washington. Mark Blaudschun says the Patriots might have finally hit it on the nose. Kevin McNamara says that having Washington can make it easier on all the defense, all the way back to the safeties. Christopher Price has a quick wrapup of Washington’s meeting with the media yesterday. Hector Longo says the addition of Washington has people on the defense smiling. Mike Reiss says the Pats likely landed a key piece to their defense with this move. Michael Parente looks at the “steel beam”. Ian M. Clark dubs him the mountain in the middle. While at times the Boston media can go over the top with their negativity, sometimes they have a tendency to go just as much the other way. You get the feeling here that by acquiring Washington, the Patriots have solved all issues. Even Ron Borges loves this move, as evidenced by his comments on the Globe SportsPlus. Will they feel the same in a few months? Lets hope so. Greenberg also has a look at David Givens, working hard to make great strides in his second season. Felger’s notebook looks at Larry Centers, still making adjustments to his new team. McNamara’s notebook looks at Belichick’s choice of music to simulate crowd noise. Blaudschun’s notebook has more of the same. Parente’s notebook looks at Ken Walter’s job being safe again….

Wrong time to be complaining about the media, Kevin Millar, because right now, you guys deserve it. It doesn’t make the stories enjoyable to read, but the best way to shut up critics is to win. (Even that doesn’t even always work.) It’s not happening. I’m not too bothered by it all, as the page has been turned. I’m not off the bandwagon, but perhaps sleeping in the back seat, not paying too much attention. Michael Silverman, Bob Hohler, Sean McAdam, Christopher Price and Tom Yantz look at another miserable loss. Dan Shaughnessy is in his element. No one enjoys these things more than Dan. Think he has a little spring in his step today? Lenny Megliola says the Sox better get their focus on the wildcard, as the division is out of reach. Kevin Gray says the Sox have no handy excuses for last night. Mike Shalin looks at Scott Hatteberg, enjoying his return to Fenway. Carolyn Thornton talked to Millar more about his comments about the negativity of the fans and media, and he doesn’t back down, but gives examples instead. Steve Conroy says Rich Harden will fill in for Tim Hudson tonight. Jason Devaney looks at a very happy Oakland clubhouse after the game. Matt Kalman looks at Byung Hyun-Kim not getting the job done. John Tomase looks at what happens when good deals go bad. Price has another look at the meltdown by Kim. Tony Chamberlain says last night might take the prize for the season’s ugliest lost, and there are a lot of candidates for that honor. Silverman notes that Pedro missed the team photo. Again. Conroy looks at the stranded runners last night. Howard Bryant has a pay column on the use of the bullpen, and how fair or not, that’s going to come back to Grady:

The game of ``outguess the manager'' is a dangerous and subjective thing, but Little failed last night. Still, the margins of error in this game are razor-thin and this morning - had Kim excelled - Little would have been lauded for recognizing a playoff-style game in August, using his closer effectively and leaving nothing to chance. He may have been compared to Yankees manager Joe Torre, who often uses Mariano Rivera for two innings in big games.

``This is our time of the year. We know what this is. We've been here before and we know how to handle it,'' A's third base coach Ron Washington said. ``I wouldn't say he got outmanaged, because if Kim comes in there and gets through the eighth, Grady Little would be a genius. I'm glad it didn't work out.''

Karen Guregian says players and fans both need to get a grip on this negativity. She knocks Kevin Millar for his comments, putting him in the group that hasn’t been here long enough to know how things work here. The media is infallable, he should just accept it. Hohler’s notebook also looks at Millar’s comments. Silverman’s notebook says Derek Lowe should be fine for his next start. Lowe also invokes his own new set of rules regarding talking to the media. Only on days he pitches. McAdam’s notebook waves the white flag on the AL East. Yantz notebook says the Sox didn’t win because of lack of hustle.

John Molori looks at media coverage of Bill Parcells in Dallas.

NESN has Sox/A’s at 7:00. ESPN has the Saugus Little league squad taking on Richmond, TX at 7:00. Wonder if that game will outdraw the Sox… FOX has Steelers/Cowboys preseason at 8:00. TBS has Braves/Giants at 10:00.