Dale & Neumy had Danny Robbins on as a guest this morning. Robbins is the reporter who broke the story of conversations taped by assistant coach Abar Rouse that had Baylor coach Dave Bliss attempting to fabricate a story that murdered player Patrick Dennehy was dealing drugs.

Chaz Scoggins has an interesting article on the history of the home run at Fenway. It wasn’t always so long ball friendly. Mike Fine says the Sox need to bats to boom to avoid a familiar fate. Alan Greenwood looks ahead to the crucial homestand. Garry Brown says the Sox need the home cooking.

Gregg Easterbrook has his Tuesday Morning QB column combined with an AFC preview. Not too impressed by the Patriots, it would appear. Reading what he says you’d think the Patriots did nothing in the offseason to improve themselves. Glen Farley provides a number of Patriots related thoughts and musings. Eric McHugh says the play of the young cornerbacks sealed the fate of Otis Smith.

Ron Chimelis looks at Springfield’s Travis Best, still out there looking for a job. Maybe the Celtics offer of the veteran minimum wasn’t so bad after all.

Jon Couture wishes to get back to the basics of enjoying sports, before ESPN ruined everything.