Sox come back from the coast only slightly worse in the standings from when they left. Steven Krasner says they’ll try to make up that lost ground on this huge homestand. David Heuschkel says that while the trip wasn’t a disaster, you can’t call winning three of seven a success, either. Gordon Edes wraps up yesterday’s getaway day loss. I had a feeling there was no way they could win yesterday. This team seems to have a thing about either looking ahead or whatever it is, feeling good about salvaging the trip, that they seem to lose focus at times. Seems struggling pitchers can have some huge days against this vaunted offense. Freddy Garcia retiring 17 in a row, with how badly he’s been struggling? Some of the talk on the pregame shows was how the Sox can feel good about coming back on the trip after having lost the first two, regardless of what happened yesterday. Red Flags went up all over the place for me when I heard that. Jeff Horrigan looks at yesterday as the disappointing conclusion to a rough trip. Tony Massarotti says things occurred just about as they should have on this trip, any hopes of the Sox going out and storming the west coast with those team’s starters and home records would be irrational. Dan Shaughnessy says the bats have to come around, and quick. At the same time, he reminds us of the failure of past Red Sox “offensive juggernauts.” John Tomase looks at Byung-Hyun Kim unique delivery and the exceptional results it produces. Massarotti looks at another rough inning for Burkett that did him in. Heuschkel’s notebook looks at how this trip did in the Red Sox hitters. Horrigan’s notebook looks at a big performance from Freddy Garcio, who was on the trading block not long ago, with the Sox an interested party. Edes’ notebook looks at Nomar’s struggles and the younger Pesky brother.

Ron Borges looks at the positives from Saturday night’s Patriots preseason victory. A good, fair article from Borges, good analysis, acknowledgment of the shortcomings, but not going over the top with them. Michael Felger looks at the new and improved pass rush, something Belichick teams haven’t really known for. Tom Curran says that while the Patriots have shown flashes of brilliance in the preseason, it certainly isn’t enough to be able to draw any solid conclusions on. Alan Greenberg looks at the run defense, and does draw the conclusion that the Patriots are in for a rough time the next time they play the Redskins in the regular season and also against all the AFC East teams. They should just shut it down right now. Michael Parente also looks at the discouraging signs from Saturday night. Hector Longo has a look at each key member of the offensive line. A pretty good read. Kevin Mannix says the Patriots should go after Orlando Pace to stabilize the offensive line. Nick Cafardo looks at the running back competition and a number of other items in his notebook. Felger’s notebook looks at the Pats likely signing of Corbin Lacina to shore up the offensive line and has Belichick dishing out some praise for rookie center Dan Koppen. My own early feelings are that this draft has the potential to be a grand slam for the Patriots. Yes, there have only been two preseason games, but the names have been featured prominently, and that’s not something you always heard in the past. Ty Warren, Eugene Wilson, Asante Samuel, Dan Klecko, Bethel Johnson, Dan Koppen. It appears that’s six guys that can immediately bring something to the team and make a contribution. Then you have someone like Kliff Kingsbury who could possibly be a project that could bring future rewards. Yes, it’s incredibly early and some of these guys may not be playing when the real games start, but overall that seems to be a nice young group with potential. The team has stockpiled picks for next year as well.

Joe Gordon looks at Shaun Micheel breaking through at the PGA Championship. Jim McCabe has another look. Karen Guregian looks at the continued struggles of Tiger Woods. Bob Halloran says that Tiger is overrated.

ESPN has Angels/White Sox at 8:00. Little League fans can catch the Saugus squad at 7:00 on ESPN2, taking on Boynton Beach, FL. NESN has the Pawsox taking on the Rochester Red Wings at 7:00.