Well, it is preseason for

Well, it is preseason for the broadcasters and producers of Patriots games as well, and that was evident by the expected few glitches, misinformation and gaffes. The most glaring of the latter came when WCVB totally missed the single most electrifying play of the game, the 98 yard kickoff return by Bethel Johnson for a touchdown. A Volkswagen Bug commercial was shown instead of the play. Then they showed one quick replay of the return and rushed off to another set of commercials. There seemed to be an effort to squeeze as many commercials in as possible, even more than usual. They put in commercials during the replay review and generally got them in whenever they could. That Ford commercial with the jingle from Journey is tired already…On a positive note, Randy Cross was not nearly as annoying as I feared he would be. I did not find myself pining away for the days of Jerry Glanville to return…


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Bruce Allen