Bob Hohler talks “faint-hearted” Sox fans in off the ledge. Sean McAdam says the Sox had the confidence to know that their bats would come around sooner rather than later. Jeff Horrigan says the bats returned as if struck by lightning…which they nearly were. David Heuschkel says the Sox were not about to get swept in Baltimore for the first time in 30 years. Bob Ryan says the Sox would’ve waited through until midnight if that’s what it took to get the win yesterday. George Kimball looks at Tim Wakefield’s continued ascent in the Sox record book with his 100th win with the club yesterday. Kimball has a pay column in which he notes that the Sox fans just cannot root for the Yankees. Kevin Gray says that Sox fans shouldn’t be limiting themselves to Wild Card thinking just yet. Chuck Brusso looks at past Glory Days with a few Sox items thrown in. Yesterday, John Tomase penned a “defense of Bill James.” Hohler’s notebook has Jeff Suppan jacked and pumped for his return to the Red Sox. Horrigan’s notebook has more on Suppan. McAdam’s notebook has still more on Act II of Jeff Suppan in Boston. Heuschkel’s notebook looks at the end of the Lou Collier era in Boston.

Kevin Mannix looks at Ty Warren, who is being broken in slowly. Mannix utters words that should chill any Patriots fan as he mentions Warren in the same sentences as Ken Sims. Michael Parente has a little more positive view of Warren. Michael Smith says Adrian Klemm is ready to take a giant leap forward in his career. Carolyn Thornton looks at JR Redmond, whom Bill Belichick says needs to develop more consistency. If you missed it, last Friday marked the return of AskNick along with its mailbag. Where they get some of these questions and readers, I’ll never know…Mannix’s notebook says Redmond may not be long for the Pats. Parente’s notebook looks forward to Thursday night’s preseason opener with the Giants. Thornton’s notebook does likewise.

John Molori looks at the return of Monday Night Football and tries a little Page2 style rambling. I think there is a certain movie that Jim Donaldson wants us to see, especially in wake of the many stories that have been filling the sports pages as of late.

ABC has Packers/Chiefs preseason football at 8:00. ESPN has Royals/White Sox at 8:00.