Dan Shaughnessy was on the NESN pregame commentary tonight, and he said he was doing something you don’t often hear in the media, saying that he was wrong. In this case, he was wrong about David Ortiz. He didn’t mention what he had originally called him, (a “giant sack of you-know-what”) but said that everytime he had seen Ortiz in the past, in the playoffs last year and also against the Red Sox, all he did was strike out. He said he didn’t think Ortiz was going to be a very good addition to the club, but he’s been proven wrong. Ortiz has been terrific with big hits, plate coverage, and in the clubhouse. Shaughnessy ended the segment by saying that Ortiz was a “sack of gold”.

I admire Shaughnessy for doing this. Let me clarify why I think it was such a big deal that he apologize for this. The original comments he made were very inflammatory and didn’t really specify whether he was talking about Ortiz the person, or Ortiz the player. They could be taken either way, and given Shaughnessy’s past, he likely could’ve been making the comments personal. As such, they were way out of line. It’s one thing to knock someone’s work, and another to knock them as a person. I’m still not sure Shaughnessy understands the uproar over this incident, but what he did tonight was the right thing to do. I’d like to see it in print, as well, but that might be asking too much.