Dan Shaughnessy tells an emailer that he will address his David Ortiz comments on a NESN commentary soon. He sarcastically notes that “it’s certainly far more important than anything else at this hour and must be addressed.” He hopes that doing this will leave the emailer and their family, “fulfilled”. Way to reach out to the fans, Dan.

Guests on Dale & Neumy included Peter King, as well as Cam Neely, who will be having his number retired next January by the Bruins. There was also a lot of Seabiscuit and horse racing talk. They even discussed Bill Simmons’ Page2 article on the Seabiscuit movie.

An interesting stat for Manny-bashers, as provided over at Musings from RSN.

"What might be most interesting to your readers is where Manny Ramirez ranks in terms of career slugging average (based on a minimum of 5000 plate appearances). #6 all time. Behind only the best of the best. Ruth, Williams, Gehrig, Foxx, and Greenberg. And ahead of Bonds! Now that is impressive company indeed.


Win Bates gets the perspective of a few Red Sox players on what it is like to play in Boston. Jon Couture wonders if it’s too early to hitch ourselves to this Red Sox wagon. Steve Solloway and Kevin Thomas write about a “Maine day rally” held by the Sox in downtown Portland yesterday.

Learned enough about Brenden Stai yet? Well, here’s more from Tom King, Mark Farinella, Glen Farley, and Eric McHugh. McHugh’s piece also looks at the other newcomer to the O-Line, Bill Conaty. Farinella also writes about the wife of Patriots safety Chris Akins, who is a true Patriot.