Eddie Andelman started his 1510 the Zone show today talking about his experience with the ESPN Pete Rose trial last night. He mentioned he had to “slap a woman down” in the jury room last night. He said she was trying to get a bigger role in the production.

Can you say “Bob Ryan”?

That coupled with his comments that Manny and Pedro should be grateful for their green cards got him off to a rousing start.

Just one thought on the ESPN trial, did anyone there even consider how much of a sham it was to have the jury foreman on a “trial” involving gambling being someone who delights in his relationships with Las Vegas insiders and numbers guys as much as Eddie Andelman does?

Eric McHugh discusses 10 points from the AFC. Ian M. Clark has a bit on Bill Belichick’s film session with the media, and also a report from the print/broadcast media football game yesterday.

Mike Fine says the Sox are poised for second half success, last night notwithstanding. Kevin Gray looks at last night’s loss. John Tomase says the Sox will make the playoffs. Alan Greenwood says the early departures of Manny and Pedro are no big deal.

Del Jones looks at Kedrick Brown’s growth in the summer league.

Austin O’Connor comments on the addition of Rush Limbaugh to ESPN’s NFL Countdown.

I’m going to be away for the next couple days, probably without access to a computer. If the message board crashes, it’ll have to wait until I get back. We’re hoping to get the new tagboard in place really soon.