It was a stroke of genius by the Celtics to schedule their summer league during the baseball All Star break. Suddenly what are traditionally the slowest sports days of the year, have some significance. The Celtics summer squad won the game, but the focus was on LeBron. Peter May gives us a profile of the night that the # 1 pick had last night, noting that perhaps James doesn’t walk on water just yet. Lenny Megliola came away very impressed with LeBron last night, and not just for what he did on the court. Jim Donaldson can’t get enough of typing the name LeBron, saying that the youngster has all the markets cornered. Jeff Goldberg reports on the night had by LeBron, and makes it sound if he did indeed walk on water. Michael Gee files a short report on the evening as well. Mark Murphy focuses on the night that Celtics first round pick Marcus Banks had, who showed moments of his own flashes. Christopher Price notes that when Banks and James were both playing the point, Banks had the advantage. Shira Springer talks to Paul Pierce and gets his thoughts on Banks, Walker trade rumors, the Lakers, Nets and Karl Malone. Tim Weisberg says that Banks and the Celtics stole the show from LeBron. Kevin McNamara has more on LeBron. One disappointment from last night for Celtics fans has to be that they didn’t even let Lenny Cooke get off the bench. Springer also has a look at the impressive night of JR Bremer, who had 28 points. Murphy’s notebook also looks at Bremer.

The Manny/Pedro leaving early stuff still has legs, after discussing it ad nauseum for an entire day yesterday on WEEI, Dennis and Callahan picked up the torch again this morning. Yesterday afternoon, The Group on WWZN with Michael Holley, Michael Smith and Cedric Maxwell was a welcome respite. They focused mainly on the Summer League, and with Maxwell, talked a lot of Celtics. That’s why this town needs two sports radio stations. Gordon Edes looks at the fallout from the Sox star leaving, and has owner John W. Henry coming out in support of his stars. Michael Silverman also reports on Henry’s words on the matter. Tony Massarotti says that winning this All Star game means alot to a guy like Edgar Martinez, who would only be able to play three games in the World Series should the AL lose and the Mariners make it that far. Bill Reynolds touches on three topics, two of which are baseball related, as he says Grady is gone if the Sox don’t make the playoffs, and he also says Roger Clemens is overrated. Steven Krasner looks at Varitek and Nomar, both All Stars, and how they’ve known each other since 1991. Alex Speier says that Varitek has grown into an All Star. Edes looks at Nomar’s decision day, which is coming up, and how his dislike for the negativity of the Boston media just might be enough to make him leave. In fact, “One high-powered industry official” claims Nomar has already made up his mind to go to the West Coast. That same official knocks Nomar for being weak minded if he’s blaming the media. Jon Wallach looks at the Sox at the All Star break, and gives us some things to look for in the game tonight. Silverman reports on Barry Bonds taking aim at Babe Ruth, and talking about the racial history of the game. Silverman’s notebook looks at Varitek enjoying his trip to Chicago.

Steve Conroy and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell reports on the Bruins signing PJ Axelsson to a two year deal.

Bill Griffith looks at the Fox Sports Mike Tyson “Beyond the Glory” program tomorrow night, as well as ESPN’s “Pete Rose on Trial” (Thursday) In addition to Eddie Andelman being the jury foreman, Dan Shaughnessy will be a witness for the prosecution.

FOX has the MLB All Star game at 8:00