Just a few quick links this morning, as I’m headed out for the day…The top story is of course, the trade. Interesting paradox in opinion on the trade, the on-air media seemed to pretty much pan the deal all day and night yesterday, with a few exceptions. The print media seems to love the deal…Jeff Horrigan and Bob Hohler examine the deal. Alex Speier looks at some of Kim’s numbers. Sean McAdam & Art Martone team up to wonder just how Kim is going to be used, as a starter, or as a closer. David Heuschkel says he’ll be used as a starter for at least as long as Pedro is out. Tony Massarotti approves of the deal, noting the price was right and that they got a guy who can fill either of their biggest pitching needs, just not both at once. They’re going to need a further move to fit whichever role Kim isn’t filling. Gordon Edes says that Theo wanted to do this deal before Hillenbrand slumped in the second half of the year, and that he deserves credit for pulling this trade off. Jim Donaldson says though first appearances can make it seem otherwise, the Sox made a great deal yesterday. Steve Buckley’s pay column says that it was tough to trade Hillenbrand, but it was the right move for a team with World Series aspirations.

Steven Krasner says it’s not going to be easy to forget the loss Wednesday night in Yankee Stadium. Jack O’Connell looks at Theo’s “small” approach to building the Sox, and how it just might win his executive of the year honors for the American League. Art Martone says even though Freddy Sanchez can really field, he’s getting called up for his hot bat. In a look at the minors, Michael Silverman says on the reasons the trigger was pulled on the deal was because it appears Sanchez is ready to make the leap. Edes’ notebook reports that Derek Lowe has had a second procedure to remove a growth from his nose, and should rejoin the team tonight.

Peter May looks at David Robinson, how much he’s meant to the city of San Antonio, and now is headed to the ABA….er, NBA Finals for the second time in his career, as the Spurs knocked off the Mavs last night. Nets & Spurs. Get ready for plenty of old 70’s highlights with the red white and blue basketball during the finals.

Kevin Paul Dupont has the story of NJ’s 3-0 win in the Stanley Cup Finals last night. His notebook looks at Brodeur, rising to the occasion. Stephen Harris says the Ducks are in a hole.

Bill Griffith looks at Bruins announcer Dave Shea, who is also the editor and publisher of The Hockey Magazine. In his pay column, Jim Baker looks at Comcast’s CN8 hiring of “Ed Berliner as its regular “Sports Pulse” host on Ch. 3 weeknights at 10, effective June 23.” Berliner, who is coming in from Denver, promises not to be a homer, to be objective and have a fast moving show. Griffith also has a sidebar with the numbers from Wednesday night.

Jeff Jacobs says everyone has an opinion…even Mike Tyson.