Both sports radio stations in town have been talking this afternoon about a likely trade between the Red Sox and Diamondbacks of Shea Hillenbrand for Byung-Hyun Kim. Since the news broke, WEEI has devoted almost constant talk to the topic, while after a little while Eddie Andelman went onto talking about Andre the Giant and other wrestling stuff. Has anyone else noticed that since Eddie jumped on the Sox bandwagon, they’ve gone 0-2? Local opinion among the media types here seem to pan the trade, while Peter Gammons on the Big Show talked enthusiastically about Kim’s stuff, and what he can bring to the Sox.

Clark Booth was cheering for Roger Clemens on Monday, and knocks fans who hold a grudge against the Rocket:

The haunted, hung-up, addled denizens of so-called "Red Sox Nation" have made Clemens the symbol of their anger, frustration and remorse. It is very convenient and very predictable. It is also very silly.

One has this advice for said denizens: Grow up! Move on! Get a Life! Failing all of that, try to find some roses to smell! Because you are becoming a bloody bore.

Jim Caple says that letting Roger Clemens go wasn’t the worst move the Red Sox made in 1996.

Bill Simmons looks at what LeBron James has to look forward to in the NBA. Luke Meredith rambles about the dartboard bullpen, Marvcus Patton, and the not-so-Phantom Gourmet among other topics in the “Unsilent Majority”.

Bryan Morry has a look at Patriots rookie receiver Bethel Johnson.

Ray Duckler looks at NH native Matt Bonner and his NBA hopes.