Poor Matt White. Anyone think that might’ve been a bit of a tough spot to make your major league debut? Well, it can only get better from here for White. The game was likely over by the time White came in, but any doubt was erased after he gave up six runs in the inning. Nick Cafardo reports on the 11-3 loss in the Bronx. Jeff Horrigan says perhaps the Yankees got a small bit of satisfaction in thwarting a Boston player in search of a milestone, with Nomar being held hitless. Don Amore looks at how Andy Pettitte took control of this game like it was a playoff game. Tony Massarotti looks at the end of Nomar’s streak, and assures us there will be more like it, even if Nomar doesn’t acknowledge the next one, either. Dan Shaughnessy puts himself in the action, and shoulders the blame for ending Nomar’s streak. Steve Buckley looks at the nightmarish debut for Matt White. Bob Hohler has another look at the rough debut for the left hander from Massachusetts. David Heuschkel says that Grady putting White in there might’ve just been a white flag that the game was over anyway, things just were not going the Sox way last night with several near-miss home run balls earlier in the game. (Jerry Trupiano had me punching the steering wheel in frustration after a couple of those calls…you know the drill…SWING AND A DRIVE….WAY BACK….DOWN THE LINE, AND THAT BALL ISSSS…..foul) George Kimball says that the home runs that the Yankees managed to get out of the park were the undoing of Bruce Chen. Gordon Edes has a look at how the even keeled Joe Torre handles the eruptions of the boss. Steinbrenner’s quotes are told to Torre, who reacts to them. Howard Bryant has more on Steinbrenner’s words and how they resonated with the players and GM. Kevin Gray looks at the Yankees trying to get out of an uncharacteristic funk. Brian Fleming has a short look at the red hot Bill Mueller. Buckley has a pay column on Mueller, who is now getting recognition from the Red Sox fans on the rare occasions that he goes out. Yankee fans still don’t know who he is, so they ignore him and boo Manny and Nomar and leave Meuller alone. Edes has a look at Derek Jeter, who is finally back to his full self and causing problems for the Sox. In Kimball’s pay column, he chats with Charley Steiner about the spin the Yankees are in. Getting swept by the Rangers and Blue Jays, two teams that had never swept the Yankees in NY anywhere was a low point for the franchise. In the latest edition of Hench’s Hardball, he says this Red Sox team is pretty on dimensional. They can hit, but not much else. He also wonders what it means when your headiest player is Manny…Hohler reports on the settlement reached in the Donald Fitzpatrick molestation case. This monster spent years in the Red Sox clubhouse preying on the young boys working there. Bryant’s pay column is a look at the Yankees and Red Sox each having a such a small margin for error when they play each other. Neither team can just show up and win, they have to play a nearly flawless game to beat each other. Edes third bit in the paper today is a one-on-one bit with Joe Torre for the Globe’s SportsPlus TV show. Cafardo’s notebook points to Tuesday as a target for Pedro, and notes another dead-end to the baseball career of John Henry Williams. Horrigan’s notebook has more on Pedro, plus a SARS update from Toronto.

Bill Griffith looks at NESN numbers for the holiday Red Sox/Yankees game and revisits the Annika coverage. Jim Baker chats with Don Orsillo about the Sox, Don thinks this edition of the team has better potential for the long haul of the season because of its depth. John Molori recaps his visit to FSNE from Monday and weighs in with his thoughts on the Boston sports media. He mentions this website, but apparently in a negative sense, pointing to me as someone who gets on media people when they change their mind about things. He calls that “The worst aspect of today’s Boston media”. My take: First of all, that is certainly not the worst thing in the media…the worst thing is the petty grudges and agendas that media people carry out against the people and teams that they are supposed to be covering objectively. Second, I don’t have a problem with people changing their mind…as long as they admit that they’re doing so, and that this is a change from how they previously felt. Too often around here, someone will spend weeks, months just ripping on someone or some team. Just tear them up. Then, at a later point, when the player or team is doing well, at that point, they’ll totally change their tune, and all the stuff they said before just never happened and should be forgotten. We’re just supposed to let go that this person has spent a long chunk of time spewing venom towards the person or team, and just let them move on without their being called on it. So my mantra is…feel free to change your mind, but have the stones to admit that you are changing your earlier position, don’t pretend that opinion never existed.

Jeff Jacobs looks at the retiring Patrick Roy. Kevin Paul Dupont gets the commissioner’s take on the state of the NHL. Stephen Harris reports on game one of the Stanley Cup finals from last night.

Peter May reports on the Spurs fourth quarter meltdown last night that postponed the all-ABA finals of the Spurs and Nets for another game at least, and might’ve given the Mavericks new life.

NESN has Red Sox/Yankees at 7:00. (ESPN Nationally) ESPN2 has D-Backs/Giants at 10:00